Thursday, June 10, 2010

You know there is a baby in the house when......

Earlier, when I was not yet a parent, each time I walked into a house, I could tell from the signs whether there was a baby in the house or not. There were always so many tell-tale signs that pointed to that little one in the family. Some of the signs were too obvious, some were cute, while some were outright dirty. There were even times when I had promised to myself that, when I had a baby, these signs would not come up in my house....but is that even ever a possibility? :)

You know there is a baby in the house when:

1. the walls are adorned with masterpieces made in crayon

2. there are more tiny shoes in the shoe rack than the bigger ones

3. tables and furniture have little handprints in various stages of food

4. the DVD shelf is packed with Disney movies in all types

5. soft toys are stashed in every possible corner

6. you discover some long-dead bite of food from under the mattress or behind the

7. stickers adorn the kitchen fridge

8. tiny hand prints on the window glass

9. most of the drawers and doors have baby locks

10.the best of all – when you hear the laughter that only a little innocent can make....

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