Thursday, June 10, 2010

Steamed Momos filled with healthy vegetables / chicken

A sure-shot hit with kids, steamed momos can be used in many innovative ways to make your kids eat those vegetables and other healthy food. Since these are not fried, you can make it a fairly routine snack - ideally once a week would be good as it will not be too much 'maida' intake for kids, while a week-long gap will keep the young taste-buds tickling.


kneaded maida (refined flour)
finely chopped steamed vegetables of your choice (the vegetables should be steamed first so that it is easier for the younger ones to bite and digest)
a hint of black pepper
salt to taste
water and a vessel for steaming
a little refined oil for greasing
grated carrot and cheese for garnishing

In a pan, heat some oil and put in the vegetables. Stir lightly and take care not to fry or over-cook them.
Put in a hint of black pepper and salt and garlic and keep stirring.
Once done, take it off the gas and keep aside. We do not want the vegetables to get over-cooked.
Now take the dough and roll out thin small circles.

Put oil in the vessel and put it to heat on the gas.

Touch a little oil to your finger and grease one round of the maida circles.
On this greasy side, put the filling you prepared. Take care not to put too much filling and keep a good space at the edges.
Now close the round by pressing the dough edges together. You can make them in moon-shapes or simple bowl shapes. Mix and match the shapes to make it interesting for your little ones.
Now steam the dumplings for about 10 minutes (or till well-cooked). Remember, we have already steamed the vegetables, so we only need to give enough time for the maida to get cooked.
Once they are off the gas and properly cooled to room temperature, place some grated carrots and cheese on the momos and serve.

Suggested stuffings: vegetables, corn, peas, chicken, dry fruits, grated apples

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