Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where To Give Birth.....

Which is the best place for you to give birth?

That is a question you can best answer yourself. There are so many options available today for an expecting couple that if I start to jot them all down now, there would hardly be space for anything else in this article at all.

Earlier there weren’t so many choices available. All you had to do was register your name with a nearby hospital and reach there as soon as the water broke, or, if you were one of those rare patients to have been recommended an operation baby, reach there on time.

Today the choices are vast. You have your regular hospitals, your five-star style hospitals, your nursing homes, your super-stylish nursing homes, clinics that are equipped to handle deliveries, private homes that have in-house medical teams and where you and one or more member from your family can live for all of your last trimester till the baby arrives!!!! and more…..

The choice is yours……

But some of the key things you need to keep in mind are:
The distance to the hospital from where you are staying
How helpful the staff is
Do a little research and get to know the reputation of this particular institute
If you have an insurance will it cover this hospital
Are the doctors friendly and good
Is the place hygienic
Will the room where you will stay after the delivery be clean and will there be enough staff available to attend to multiple post-natal cases
Check the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) to see how hygienic it is and how is the staff here, as many babies are placed in the NICU right after birth
What are the emergency admission procedures
If you can, have a word with someone who has given birth at this place so that you know how well trained and well-equipped the doctors and nurses are.

REMEMBER to register your name with the hospital or institute of your choice well in advance. Many places take bookings as early as 5 months before the baby is due. Check with your doctor and they will advise and help you accordingly.

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