Monday, May 19, 2014

Toy Tasting With Yellow Giraffe ! Real Reviews of Toys by Real Moms....A Chat With Richa Dikshit From Yellow Giraffe

So I was quite impressed with the entire concept of the site Yellow Giraffe. It's quite the colourful site that has some really fun and educational toys available online.

This is essentially an online toy store, where you can pick the toys you want for your child and get them home.....

Recently, the team from Yellow Giraffe started an initiative that is all about toy reviews. Called Toy Tasting, it is a toy review channel on YouTube that features real reviews from real moms....

This is something that I feel all parents have been looking for. With retail shifting online, almost all sites have the same review for a product, and most of these are either paid reviews or written quickly by the staff themselves...None of these are real....

So in a quick chat with Richa Dikshit from the site, we talked about how the idea of Toy Tasting came about and what it actually is:

Why was this channel called Toy Tasting created?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Yes World And The No World: Which One Does Your Child Inhabit?

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Whether you realise this or not, these are the two words you have been using most as a parent. And chances are, the word that you have used most out of these two is the dreaded 'NO.' Yes, right!

The 'No' syndrome hits all us parents almost as soon as the little bundle we brought home only that day starts to understand the world around. From 'No, don't put that in your mouth,' to 'No, don't throw it' to 'No more TV' 'No more playing' 'No we are NOT buying that' and much much much more...... every parent-child combo have their own scenarios, some unique and some extremely common.

I too have been using the NO button a lot with my elder one...And now that the younger one is 8 months old, she is getting her share of the NO just doesn't go off unfortunately.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Johnson's Baby Share The Language of Love: Your Sharing, Their Smiles

It's that time again when you just cannot afford to not share the smiles..... It's the time to share, to bring in some much needed cheer and whoops of joy to those little ones out there who deserve every bit of it, but sadly, don't get much of it most of the time!

What is Johnson's Baby Share The Language of Love?

Share The Language of Love is an initiative by Johnson's Baby. It is an initiative that inspires moms and dads across various cities to come forward and share their child's used or even unused to an underpriviledged child, who would really need it. This is an extension Johnson's Baby's core philosophy of 'care.' To make the campaign a success like earlier, they have come together with Goonj, a well known NGO that does a lot in making sure the right thing reaches the right child or person. I have personally arranged a few contributions for Goonj in the past and know for sure that they are genuine (I do not generally associate with NGOs.)

The idea behind The Joy of Sharing

The entire idea is to create such a platform where children, no matter underprivileged, are given a chance to experience the joys of childhood, the joys of being a child. The campaign aims at sharing the articles that have been chosen by other parents with love, and will be able to bring a smile and a genuine happiness in the life of another child, to help them brighten up their lives from the everyday struggles. It will also help create a positive effect on the children who finally share their things with those who may not have a chance of owning it otherwise.

How did the campaign do in the past?
  • The campaign first started in the year 2012 and in 2013, the articles received were double of what was originally received in the first year. 
  • Johnson's had a 'Share The Language of Love' bus that travelled through 5 cities in 21 days. 
  • Many retailers happily gave space to set up collection areas
  • More than 250 collection centres were set up over 3 weekends across 12 cities
The campaign this year
  • The collection centres are being set up in 14 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Cuttack, Pune and more
  • Collection drives will also begin in 170 residential societies in 5 cities
 How to locate your nearest collection centre
  •  Give a missed call on 1800 267 6767 or 1800 267 2222- this will guide you to the nearest out of the 300 collection centres set up
 What happens to the items once you share them at the collection points?


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