Thursday, April 17, 2014

3 Month Old Baby - What Your Baby's Doing Now: Diary Of A New Mum

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That little bundle you brought home is now officially an infant! Somebody is growing up with lots of love for sure :-)

You are already quite the adept mamma by now, but there are some things that may or may not be known, especially if you are a first time mum.

Also, with constant 'free advice' from family and friends and even strangers, there are a lot of doubts about what baby can and cannot do at this age.

A few milestones are out there for you to notice this month, but remember that all babies reach their milestone at their own pace, so unless your baby is reallllllllyyyyyyyyy taking a long time, there is not even a speck of worry that you should have. In any case, baby will have a monthly checkup so the doctor will be there to discuss with as well!

What your 3 month old baby will be doing:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Richest and The Poorest

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Last night my elder daughter and me were chatting just before going to bed....we were both lying down together, our arms intertwined, and her little head on my heart, snuggled in my arms...

And then, she said something that made me look at her once again and kiss her with all my love....

She said..

'Mamma, a person may have lots and lots of money, but if they don't know how to love others and share, they are very poor. And a person who has very less money but has lots of love and knows how to share is the richest person on the earth...'

And I am the luckiest :-)

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in Save it for our children' - MJ Happy Parenting!!!! Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones.... Debolina Raja Gupta

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

25 Rules For Mothers of Daughters: Your Daughter And You

It is undoubtedly the most amazing bond in the world...nothing beats it.....and I am lucky that I have it twice over! 

I came across these amazing lines online and had to had to share them perfect they are, just how a mother daughter bond should be!!!!!

1. Paint her nails. Then let her scratch it off and dirty them up. Teach her to care about her appearance, and then quickly remind her that living and having fun is most important.

2. Let her put on your makeup, even if it means bright-red-smudged lips and streaked-blue eyes. Let her experiment in her attempts to be like you…then let her be herself.

3. Let her be wild. She may want to stay home and read books on the couch, or she may want to hop on the back of a motorcycle-gasp. She may be a homebody or a traveler. She may fall in love with the wrong boy, or meet mr. right at age 5. Try to remember that you were her age once. Everyone makes mistakes, let her make her own.

4. Be present. Be there for her at her Kindergarten performances, her dance recitals, her soccer games…her everyday-little-moments. When she looks through the crowds of people, she will be looking for your smile and pride. Show it to her as often as possible.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Not To Buy For Your Kids: 10 Things That Are Purely Marketing Gimmicks: Diary Of A New Mum

The TV ads and the mega shopping sales and the many alerts from the countless shopping sites have only one agenda – to get you to buy!!!!!

As a new mom, and admit it, it has nothing to be a first time or new mom, and even those with more than one kid do this all the time (read, me, as well as you, yourself), we always end up getting sucked into these crazy marketing gimmicks that end up manipulating our brains. They tell us what is really really important for your babies and kids and you end up believing them, heart and mind and soul!

Recently, I even saw something on a baby site that told parents ‘to not be their baby’s toy themselves but to buy them some interesting toys for real.’ Okay, that was really marketing gone overboard and in your face.

With so much peer pressure and so much pressure from so many different quarters, it is very difficult indeed to figure out what your baby or growing child really needs and what can easily be ignored. As a parent, you do not want to leave out anything for your kid, you want to give them all there is that is the best, that will help them in achieving their milestones and help them in motor development and education and learning and stimulating their senses and what not.


But who says that buying all that there is out there will do that?

The ones who are selling it say, who else?

Most often than not, your instinct is the best guide to buying for your baby. Forget about what all the sites and stores are saying. If you think your baby needs it, go and get it right away. If you have the slightest of doubt, hold on.

Here are the 10 most commonly advertised or bought items that are actually not needed for your baby at all!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

8 Things That Being A Mommy Teaches You (Sometimes By Force I Admit)!: Diary of A New Mom

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Of course I am....don't judge me when I say this, and in the very same sentence, also say that sometimes, my daughters do driver me nuts alllllll through the day and night (the little one is in that stage where she has learned to roll on her tummy, so of course she has to do it in her sleep to and wake up and want to play and then cry!) how sweet :-)

So, coming back to the title of the post, this is something that we all learn, and if you are a mommy (dads, I won't say this is true for you, coz you just do it in your own sweet time and way, no matter if the baby is crying or fussy or what!), then you will relate to each one of the points I mention here...

Read on, and tell me if you actually feel this is true or not ;-)

1. Sleeping without sleeping
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Yes daddies, this mommy is actually sleeping!!! This is pretty much how we sleep the first one or one n half years of baby's arrival. A mother is timed in such a way that even before her baby actually wakes up, she will wake up and be ready as a samurai, to take on the challenge of the diaper, or the feed or just the rocking comfort...A mommy can do it all folks!


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