Monday, December 26, 2016

Baby Care Products From MamaEarth: Review And Why I Would Recommend It

Some time back I was contacted by the wonderful young parents Varun and Ghazal, who told me about a new product line they were coming up with. The brand in question is MamaEarth. 

Being young parents themselves, they understand the importance of using only the best products for our little ones. While there are tons of brands out there in the market that claim to be the best for our babies, we all know that most of these are marketing gimmicks, and some big brands have also faced the flack for containing carcinogenic compounds that can cause cancer.

In one of my earlier posts I had talked about 10 cancerous chemicals we end up exposing our babies to unknowingly.

The reason I was interested in trying out the MamaEarth products for my kids was because they are Asia's first MadeSafe Certified Brand. If you are not aware of what that means, do check this link here to know more.

I received this super cute bag that came with some of their most useful products. The bag is very thoughtfully made as it will let me carry all my baby's things safely, and in style of course :)

Here's a look at all the wonderful products and the links from where you can buy them.

About The Products

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

10 Cancerous Chemicals You Are Exposing Your Baby To (Through Baby Products)

image source

I am always passionate about products that are natural and herbal, use zero chemicals and are naturally healthy for me and my babies. I am always reading up about what's good and what's definitely not good about products and ingredients, and in this quest to know more, I have realized that what we many times take for granted, in terms of brand consciousness, just doesn't work right.

For instance, a certain very famous baby brand was recently embroiled in a huge controversy when it was found that one of their products contained carcinogenic substances, or to put it simply, contained elements that could cause or increase the chances of cancer. Why would a baby brand, or any brand for that matter, do that? I was not really using their products, but after this entire thing and after the brand themselves apologised and confessed, there is not one product from them that I have in my home, or will let my kids use.

I was never in the habit of turning over product bottles to read the ingredients until my first one came along. Any product that is launched with those babylicious ads and is packaged in cute bottles may not necessarily be the best thing for your baby. In most cases, it may conceal harmful toxins that can really play with the health of your child. Did you know that infants up to the age of 2 are 10 times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults. Children accumulate up to 50% of their lifetime cancer risk by their second birthday. Horrifying, isn’t it? 

So what do you do when you are not sure what's really right for your baby and what's not? You check the labels, and find out all about the harmful toxins that lurk there. And if you're not really sure yet, here's a quick look at 10 of the most dangerous chemicals that are found in baby products, and how they can harm your precious little one:

10 Harmful Toxins To Watch Out For In Baby Products

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No Time Table - Why I Chose To Set My Kids Free Of Restrictions And How It Helps Them Learn More

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I've always been kind of the odd mom out (not to say I'm odd in a lot of ways, and this isn't a surprise that I'm odd here too), and over and over again, I've been perceived as different from other moms, and I know that I behave that way as well.

But I do not regret it one bit. The biggest reason for my being happy about the kind of mom I am is that I can see for real that my kids are happy, healthy and fine, that they live with a smile and cry with their heart, that they can feel and understand their emotions, and those of others around them, and that they are good human beings, essentially.

I have always maintained that I do not want to restrict my kids in the many time tables set by society. And that involves the time-tables and set patterns created by school, society, family, friends, relatives, neighbours and everyone else out there. I do not believe that confirming to set patterns is what makes you successful, but I do believe that finding your heart's voice and following it is what makes you that person you really would want to be, and also be happy about it.

For the past few days, there has been an intense activity in the mommy groups of my kids's classmates, the topic being which kid studies how long each day and how much they all know. Let me state that these kids are 3 and 9 years of age, it is a time when their childhood is barely beginning, it is at that stage when it is budding, when it is time for their childhood, their dreams and their talents to be nurtured and honed. At least that is what I believe.

I gave up on everyday sit down and study for so and so hours concept long back. For my elder one, it is more of a learning through everyday activities and experiences. Of course it is important to follow certain patterns, such as studying for that test and knowing you have the answers and understand the topic, or being on time for that class submission. All of that is important.

But more than that, it is also important to have an open mind and free access to learning, as opposed to sitting down in one place and studying.

So, for instance, my elder one is a fan of various international culinary shows, and knows about a host of ingredients, cooking styles and global cuisine that I do not have any idea about. Of course she won't learn this by just reading a book. She wouldn't know how to crush that spice, or how to smell a particular herb and know if it is fresh and if it will make the best garnish. When she reads a menu, she knows exactly what she wants and what and how to order - and she is 9.

My younger one knows all about alphabets, numbers, colours, days of the week, month, shapes, poems, basic manners, etiquette, how to greet people and a host of other 'how to's' - and she is 3.

And I am happy. And I am proud. That all their learning is coming out of their own choice. That all they want to learn is out there, and that I am able to give them access to spread their wings and learn, instead of tying them down to one place and simply study.

The elder one wants to become a lot of things when she grows up, a painter, a writer, a storyteller, a pottery artist, a fashion designer, a chef, and so much more. And I am gonna be absolutely happy with whatever she chooses.

The younger one is too young to fall into this trap of worrying about 20 years down the line scenario right now. And I don't want to impress anything on her either.

Life isn't about just mugging up and learning to do your calculations and reciting some lines and memorizing dates and formula. I don't know what you think, but I think that life is a little and a lot more than that. It is about seeing rather than looking, of dreaming rather than just wishing, of fighting it out rather than giving up, of believing rather than criticizing, of trying rather than crying, of living rather than just surviving.....

And I promise, if I am not able to leave back anything else, I will still leave behind that glimmer of hope and dreams in my children's eyes, and inspire them from somewhere of never giving up on life, dreams, love and's all so worth it.

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say: 'Heal the world we live in Save it for our children' - MJ Happy Parenting!!!! Debolina Raja

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our First Flintobox 3-4 Years: First Look And Details On How To Subscribe

Some weeks back I was contacted by this very sweet person called Hariharan from Flintobox. The mail came in good time, as I happened to see some digital ad about the same around that time, but I had no idea what it was about.

So when I asked more about the concept, I realized that it is a super fun monthly subscription box that aims at making education and learning extremely interesting and fun. Of course there are various activities and offers from different brands that have come up with creative boxes for kids, but in this day of subscription boxes, Flintobox did manage to come up with something unique and really interesting.

I couldn't share it earlier but now with the long weekends here, finally managed to open it up and the squeals of delight and the jumps my younger one made around the house was too much to not get excited along with :)

So before I show you what all this month's Flintobox came up with, here are the age groups you can go for:

  • 2-3 years
  • 3-4 years
  • 4-8 years
  • 8-10 years
  • 10-12 years

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Are We Turning Our Babies Into Monsters?
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Over the past few days, it's really saddened me to read the paper here in India. I have consciously stopped watching news channels for a long time now, the reason, I'm sure, most of us already know, but let me just say, with news hour turning into a free-for-all barbarian show, I just didn't want to go through the same every single day.

Two extremely violent recent incidents, both involving teens, is what prompted me to write this today. I am sure many of you may find it useless, or disturbing, and if so, please click the exit button and move on...I have no problem with that...If you choose to read on, thank you.

The first incident that shook me up was the senseless killing of a 17 year old boy from a simple and well-educated middle class family in Navi Mumbai. The teen had formed a friendship with a teen girl from his class, and the friendship had developed into a relationship. As is prone in teen years, both really liked each others' company and that was pretty much what was happening - they were just special to each other. The problem that apparently led to his killing was the fact that the girl belonged to a higher caste. And this is the year 2016 we are talking about, and in a city in Navi Mumbai, which is considered Mumbai's satellite city and houses some of the best minds here. I can imagine how 50 years from now, when people talk about such incidents in the year 2016, it will make them firm of the view that people living in the year 2016 were indeed backward and barbarian - I do not disagree right now.....

So what happened here was that the girl's family threatened the boy and his family and the parents asked the boy to stop meeting the girl. He was beaten up as well. When the boy's parents went to the police to lodge a complaint, the police officials present in the police station told him to mend his ways, and asked the parents to keep a watch on their son. They went a step further to tell him that now that he dared to continue meeting the girl, he should expect something similar to the phenomenally applauded Marathi movie Sairat, which is about a lower caste boy falling in love with a higher class girl, and how both are killed by the higher caste family as part of an honour killing. The teen boy's parents requested the police for help but were sent back home. The girl's family came to their place, dragged them to the road and started hitting the boy severely. The parents tried to intervene but were assaulted as well. In fact, the attackers started shouting 'chor chor' and passersby actually thought the scared family were thieves, even as the teen lay bleeding profusely. By the time the parents finally managed to take him to a hospital, he was lost to them forever.....

Sad.....what else do I have left to say here? I can't even say I can imagine the pain they are in... no, I can't, nor can you....

The second incident co-incidentally happened the same week in Calcutta. A young teen boy, Abesh, was part of a group of teens that was enjoying a relaxed party in a parking lot of a posh Calcutta residence. He was 'suddenly' found lying in the parking lot in a pool of blood, even as almost all the other teens suddenly vanished, and only two remained who helped a resident of the building take the boy to the hospital. By then again, it was too late, and the boy was lost to his mother forever (his father, who was part of the police force himself and had also assisted eminent filmmaker Satyajit Ray's son on movie assignments had just passed away this February). Before leaving home, the teen had told his grandma he would be home latest by evening....his mother never heard from him after that day.....

Of course you would guess that since there were about 10-15 teens at the party, someone, at least one teen, would have seen something, or, as we all do these days, recorded something on a smart phone...maybe, maybe not....Or, given the fact that the teen, Abesh, was stabbed multiple times with a sharp glass object (broken beer bottle), and had also walked around in the parking lot after being stabbed (as was evident from the blood trail that was left behind), some resident would have heard some commotion, breaking of glass, hitting, voices fighting, voices trying to break up the fight, someone crying out in pain (can you imagine a teen who is being stabbed multiple times will not cry out in pain?) or someone asking for help.....I am sure some of the girls and maybe some boy(s) in the group may have shouted out in fear at what happened......And even though quite a lot of the apartments apparently have their windows right above the parking area where this happened, it is possible that at least someone heard something....

But no evidence was found.....not surprising....why?

The murdered teen had recently become friends with a girl who was earlier in a relationship with a boy who comes from a very affluent and influential family in Kolkata. Both the teen boys knew each other and were often part of same parties and groups. In fact, some common friends had mentioned earlier how the two boys always were uncomfortable with each other. The influential boy's father had in fact asked the girl's parents to keep her away from the murdered teen, and asked the murdered teen's mother to keep her son away from the girl.....interesting?

Then again, even as the news channels first reported that it was a clear case of murder, the news was abruptly changed and the story was turned to accidental death...Apparently, the teen who died was holding beer bottles under his arm, and he was already drunk, so he tripped and fell, and the bottle broke, and cut all his important arteries and veins, and he lay bleeding there, even as his friends possibly wondered what to do...this is the version that the news channels and police later came up with....

why? What happened that everyone had to suddenly change their version? what happened that the teen from the affluent family and his father both suddenly disappeared? how was it that no friends came out and gave exact details about what really happened?

I have seen the CCTV footage from the parking lot where a teen is seen falling down, but from a simple height which is a little walled structure on the ground floor - and hello, he trips and falls on his back, while most of the injuries are on the front.......

I can understand that the parents of the children who were involved in this entire thing may have asked their kids to stay away, fearing it would traumatise them and affect them negatively. But what about the mother who lost her only son? Can you imagine her pain? I can't. I understand that we, as parents, always try to shield our babies from everything that is not good and want to keep them protected forever. We tell our little ones - CLOSE YOUR EYES AND THE MONSTER WILL GO AWAY...

But for how long? Till what age do we baby our babies? Till when do we shield them from responsibilities that come of growing up? It has to happen at some age, right? What age is that? What do we teach our teens? Hide and stay mum when a mum loses her baby, but you stay mum and stay safe.....that's what we should do, right? wrong...

Wrong wrong wrong....... something is wrong with us, parents...something is really wrong with us.... and it's we, the parents, who are in the wrong, and not the kids...coz it's we, the parents, who are turning our babies into monsters.....yes we are.....unfortunate but true...

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!! Debolina Raja

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Home To School The First Jitters: How I'm Helping My Little Baby Transition

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Oh the first time school days have till today been an epic absolute epic fail....

Going through this experience the second time, I was quite sure it would be easier to help the younger one transition from home to regular school. The elder one had also had her share of tears, and that time I wasn't this prepared. This time, Debo mommy was absolutely ready.

And failed !!!!! Ya it's kind of funny actually.

The fact that my kids never went to a playschool means that once they start school, it's an absolutely new experience for them. For the younger one who just started kindergarten about 3 weeks back, it's been an absolute nightmare for now.

She's been waking up in the middle of the night crying and howling, looking around for her teddy bear that's her constant source of comfort, and hugging me to say she never wants to let go. I am blessed, yes, but I feel so much for her right now.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kidoonz The Brand With Kidditude: Why You Should Try It For Your Kids Today

I was pleasantly surprised when someone from the brand Kidoonz wanted to get in touch with me so that I could check out a couple of kiddie products. As I have two young ones at home, almost 3 and 9 to be precise, I told them so, and the wonderful people there suggested I use a cute emoji pillow for the younger one and a travel-friendly bottle for the elder one.

Once I said yes, they agreed to send over the products. Let me say at this point that this is not a sponsored post, I was sent the products very kindly by the brand to use for myself and see, and if I liked I was free to talk about it with my readers. I have not been paid by the brand and have not been asked to say what I will say here, all opinions are my own.

So when the package arrived I opened it to find a beautiful and heart-touching note, specially hand-written! Who last gave you a hand-written note, which actually meant something nice (not counting your post-its of to-do lists)? I was really touched.

The note read:
Hi Super Mommy,
We hope you and your little one like this Kidoonz gift! We'd be grateful if you could post a review about it on your social media platforms and do stay connected with us too!
Thank you,
Kidoonz Team

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Green Mama by Manda Aufochs Gillespieama: How You Can Give Your Child A Healthy And Green Future image source

Recently I was contacted by this lovely lady from FingerPrint publishing, Megha, who asked me if I would like to read a copy of a very interesting book titled Green Mama By Manda Aufochs Gillespie, which focuses on various easy to incorporate and simple lifestyle choices that we can make as individuals, that will not only teach our kids how to live a more balanced natural life, but also create a greener world. The book aims at mixing the various teachings of science in our everyday lives while also combining it with the age old wisdom and teachings of grandma.

Quite an interesting concept, especially because I as an individual, and as a parent, believe in the power of natural and green living. With so many changes happening around us in the environment, the effects of global warming are already here. But all it takes is a little change, a little switch from what we may have been doing till now, and create healthier and safer alternatives.

Of course I said yes and was eagerly waiting for the book. So when it arrived, I went through it, randomly at first because I was flipping in and out of work, but finally got down to reading it at leisure and give it the time and the attention that I feel the book truly deserves.

Before I tell you what all you can find in the book, here is a look at what the blurb on the cover jacket says:

What are the most pressing problems facing new parents today? As the world has become increasingly more complicated, so has parenting. We are concerned about pervasive toxins in the environment and anxious to raise our children in ways that will protect them as well as safeguard our already fragile world.

Manda Aufochs Gillespie, The Green Mama, shares what today's science and Grandma's traditional wisdom tell us about prenatal care for mothers-to-be, breastfeeding, detoxifying the nursery, diapering, caring for baby's skin, feeding a family, and healthy play - redefining the 'basics' of parenting for today's world. With an upbeat tone, stories of parents who have 'been there,' real-world advice for when money matters more, and practical steps geared toward immediate success, Green Mama engages and guides even the busiest, most sleep-deprived parent.

 The Green Mama helps parents become what they were always meant to be: experts on the care of their own children. 

The first thing that I noticed and really loved about the book was the dedication:
This book is dedicated to all the world's children, especially my own beloved Zella Rose and Zada 'Maela.' May we create a world worthy of them all.

Isn't that really the need of the hour? May we create a world worthy of them all. For as parents and as adults, we know that the world we live in is not a gift we got from our ancestors, but a treasure we have taken on loan from our children, and one that needs to be taken care of, nurtured, truly treasured and handed back safely.

Each time we start talking about living green, the first thought that comes to mind is that it will mean a huge transition from your current lifestyle, that trying to adopt a greener lifestyle will mean too many uncomfortable changes. Well, not really.

Once you know that you are on the path to becoming a parent, you attitude towards the world changes, and everything that was till now about you tends to become more about your baby, about how it will affect your baby. And hence the little everyday things that you do.

The book tells us about small things you can do at home and the very small but very huge and very important changes that you can make in little things and ways around the house that will help to make it greener and more natural. Also, the book is not a preachy handwork of someone who knows it all and wants you to simply follow. It gives you all the info you need, in a very easy to understand and even interesting way, full of colorful and heart-warming images of real children and families.

To make it really simple to understand and implement, the author has broken down the 'green' concepts into the following areas:
  • how to have a green home and nursery
  • a more natural and greener way to diapering
  • breastfeeding the natural and green way
  • how to ensure your baby's foods are natural and belong to the green concept
  • easy ways to take care of your baby's skin the natural way
  • how to incorporate safer, natural and greener aspects in your baby's play time
I feel that the above topics pretty much cover almost everything a new mommy would want to know about her baby's first year needs. And once you start off to a green start, the road ahead is only bound to be easier and more and more comfortable. In addition to all the above, the book also provides a lot of insight into what all is really going on there behind labels and other things that you may not be aware of, and how you can be a more alert and informed parent.

I absolutely loved the book, and I am really happy I got a chance to learn more. It is definitely a must-read for any parent, whether you are about to be a parent, already have one child or many, or even if you are not a parent.

And yes, I am definitely going to suggest it to all my friends and people I know of. So make sure you have a look too.

Where To Buy:

If you are based in India, you can buy the book here.

Outside India:
You can buy the book here

About The Author:
Manda Aufochs Gillespie is a consultant, writer, environmentalist and mother. She has worked in the 'green' field for more than fifteen years, advising businesses and homeowners and engaging directly with hundreds of parents through green living classes and her website, 

- Debolina Raja 

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

Debolina Raja

Monday, April 25, 2016

How I Taught My 2 Year Old About Conserving Water, And Why

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Those days of facing crisis and nearing the end of our reserves on Earth have already started appearing. What we earlier thought would be a thing of the much distant fture has suddenly come up with its big scary face, right in front of us. From melting glaciers to fast rising temperatures to winters that are almost a thing of stories now, our home, the Earth, is facing a lot of crisis, and much of it due to us, who live here.

With so much happening and so many problems cropping up, it is no surprise that now is the time to take action. As parents, we have a lot of responsibility on us. Not only do we have to don the cape of the role model and practice what we want to preach, we also need to involve our kids in the task and make sure they understand the reason why they are doing what we ask them to.

One of the most common problems we are facing at this moment is shortage of water. With draught being declared in Maharashtra (India), we in Mumbai are still fortunate enough to get enough access to clean drinking water. But not everyone is so fortunate. In fact, if we do not start the conservation process right away (even though we are already late), it will be a surprise to have regular water anymore in the near future.

As adults, we do practice a lot of water conservation at home, but I know it is important to inculcate this as a habit in the little ones too. And that is where it helps the most. It's no rocket science trying to teach your kids regular habits that are necessary, and just a few easy steps and repeating them over and over again can go a long way.

So here's the things I try and do to make sure my two year old (as well as my eight year old) know the importance of water and learn how to save it for the future:
  1. Brushing Times Are Sensible Times: The first thing in the morning that the kids do is brush their teeth, and of course splashing and playing with water is out of the question. To make it easier, I make sure to hand them their toothbrush only after I have added the paste on it, so that the little ones do not have an excuse to play with water, and waste it in the process. Once done, I clean them up. The little one knows she has to clean her tongue and mouth and all the regular face washing ways, but she knows that each time the tap has to be closed and water should not come out. 
  2. Small Tap Yes, Big Tap No: While the older one knows she has to keep the tap on slow, the younger one is too young to understand and remember it all the time. To make it simpler for her, I devised a simple phrase that she understands best. 'Small tap' means the tap is switched on slow and the water flow is less, while 'Big tap' means the tap is switched on fast and the water flow is fast. Each time she opens the tap herself, I remind her to do 'small tap' and she knows it means slow.
  3. Make Bucket Baths Fun: Of course kids love to play in the bath tub and because we have one at home, it's even easier to fill it up and waste loads of water. While the kids do get a chance to sometimes get in the tub, I have made sure that bucket baths are also as much fun as a dip in the tub. Bring out all those plastic squeaky toys that are perfect for bath time and let your kids enjoy. To ensure there is no wastage of water, I fill it up myself for them and let them use it as they wish, of course while making sure they get clean too.
  4. Carry Water Along: I always carry water with me wherever I go, and it has been a habit ingrained in me since I was a child. No wonder then that my kids have picked up the same habit. So wherever we go and even if we are headed out to a restaurant, the kids always carry drinking water from home. Not only does it save money (come on, it does), it also helps save that bottle of water for someone else who may really need it.
  5. Fill It Half Please: Each time we are eating out at at restaurant, there is a lot of refilling that the waiters do whenever the glasses are half-full. My two year old is too small to pick up a heavy glass full of water, so it is easier for her to have one that is only filled halfway. As a result, she is now comfortable with the concept of having half a glass of water or lesser and asking for more if she needs it. I do the same for my elder one and even for myself, so that there is no wastage of water if we do not really need it.
- Debolina Raja
And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

Debolina Raja

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Importance Of Staying Healthy

image source

We hear it on the nightly news, read about it in articles, and see fitness junkies that pop-up in our news feed via social media. Fitness and nutrition is an aspect of our lives that we should always keep at the top of our list.

Being fit, and eating a balanced diet can affect you in more ways than you might think. For me, eating the right foods and regularly exercising help to stabilize my mood. Though I tend to always think positively and be productive, I have found that with proper exercise and nutrition I can increase my productivity and handle stressful situations in an easier manner.

These same effects can be found when regular dieting, and less vigorous exercise is practiced by patients with various illnesses or diseases. For instance, a mesothelioma patient who battles with weekly treatments can stay active by doing uncommon things, like walking around their homes more often. Additionally, eating vegetables and foods that are lower in saturated fats and sugars can help patients find more stability through treatments. It can also help to increase energy levels, which might have become depleted through medical procedures.

Do you know someone who might have fought an illness? We can encourage everyone, even those with illness to add a small dose of extra exercise into their daily routines, to increase the well-being of all.

Mesothelioma patients are one of the most common victims of exposure to asbestos. These patients too, can greatly benefit from taking a few extra steps to recovery, everyday. If you know of a friend, or loved one who might have dealt with mesothelioma, encourage them to exercise. Additionally, join me in supporting the fight against mesothelioma, by sharing the badge below on your blog, or website!

*guest post by Landon Biehl

I Support the Fight Against Mesothelioma

- Debolina Raja 
And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!! Debolina Raja

Friday, March 4, 2016

Actions Help Children Learn Better With Chu Chu TV
image source

As a parent, it's quite fun and interesting to see your little one try to emulate your actions and copy you in any which way possible. Did you know that your child's first learning comes from watching you or the primary caregiver and trying to do exactly what you are doing? From the way you smile and greet your child to the way you pitch your voice while speaking or the way you embrace your little one with love, your child notices everything, right from the initial months after birth.

It is these everyday actions that help your child better understand the world around, and also help to teach the first few lessons of how to behave and react.

A very important method of learning that your child will have, especially in the toddler and pre-school years, is the media. With so much exposure to media in all forms these days, there is a host of options to choose from, not all of which may always be appropriate for your little one. As busy parents, we often tend to hand our gadgets to our children, hoping it will keep them entertained while we end up finishing our deadlines and chores.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

TediBar Bathing Soap For Babies: Review

A couple of months I was sent this cute bathing bar soap by the PR team for a baby bathing soap called Tedibar. Initially I was a little skeptical about whether or not it is a good idea to try out a new soap on baby's soft and sensitive skin, so I decided to give it a shot but see the results over a period of time.

As you all know, your baby's skin is extremely sensitive in the first few months and years after birth, and sometimes, even though you may not see the effects immediately, it is possible that you do see some negative reactions over a period of time. I did use the product and now that it finally used up, I am ready to share the review and my thoughts. So here goes.

Check the ingredient list above. The brand says that Tedibar is a skin friendly bathing bar. Regular bathing with Tedibar helps restore and retain the skin's protective mantle. For external use only.

Price: The bathing bar is priced at INR 120 for 75 g

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

StickerKid: Customised Name Labels To Keep Those Belongings Safe

As a parent, especially as a mom, one of our biggest worries once the children start getting out of the house is to keep their belongings safe. We've all been through those phases of lost water bottles and pencil pouches and goodies that we forgot ourselves as kids. And when the same now happens with things our kids carry, it bugs us no end.

I've been trying to find a solution to this for long. I tried a lot of DIY tricks, but to be honest, the marker pen labeling and anything else really doesn't look that good at all. But there was no other option.

So it was quite interesting when I got a mail from this company called StickerKid. The concept is something I have never come across till now, and it was definitely a first of its kind product that anyone had got in touch with me for. The lady, Sushma, who got in touch with me, introduced me to the concept of using name stickers that would not look messy on the products on which they were used, and the best part was that each of the stickers are carefully personalized to suit your child's needs and taste.

The customized name labels are made in Switzerland and are resistant to dishwasher,  washing machines and dryers, which makes them perfect to be used on your children's everyday items. You can choose from a range of design styles and create separate stickers for each child. You can shop on the site from any part of the world, as they ship out the products everywhere.

Which mom wouldn't think it is something of help, right? I definitely felt this would be something that all moms would like to have a few packs of at least, and the lovely Sushma was kind to send me a package of stickers that had been carefully personalized to match the names of my daughters. 

And she was also really kind to give a DISCOUNT CODE for all the wonderful readers of the blog. Do check the same at the end of the post and use it for your purchase on the site.

The pack of iron-on labels that you can use on your child's clothes.....these are all removable when you do not want them anymore.

The iron-on labels with the personalized names

The girls absolutely love these ones!!!! No wonder they have been used on so many of their products

No wonder the pink labels were an equal hit...aren't they absolutely adorable?

You can use the discount code 10discountSGSTICKERKID to get a 10 percent discount on your total bill. 

- Debolina Raja 

And like I always believe in and say: 
'Heal the world we live in 
Save it for our children' - MJ 
Happy Parenting!!!! 

Debolina Raja

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why Organization is the Key to a Healthy Life
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We've all been there and done that and know we'll have to keep doing it over and over again. Well, I'm talking about the millions of times that we are required to juggle a multitude of tasks and try to create that perfect work and home balance, something that still continues to evade me, to this day.

Okay, so I won't call myself a control freak, but come on, who doesn't like a bit of sanity and some control, right? With the changing pace of life though, that can be quite a difficult one. So it was quite an interesting idea when I got this mail from Mary Brown, from Admire Moms a new online platform where moms can hang out and get a lot of information about various topics that they can relate to, such as parenting, traveling with kids, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food and more. Mary wanted to share a guest post with us at My Little One And Me and one of the things she wanted to talk about was the importance of organization in our lives, and how it can help us as moms.

So without further ado, here's to Mary.....


Balancing your job with kids, laundry, cooking, shopping, workout and a fulsome social life can be super stressful. No matter how hard you try, the probability of things piling up is quite high. So, what’s the solution? Just focus on the priorities and ignore the rest.

Challenges And Confrontation
For a mother, the challenges are many - both at home and in office. In between dealing with temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, bullying, bed-wetting, potty training, homework, exams and illnesses, you have to ensure your kids eat properly, sleep well and your home is spick and span. On the work-front, you need to keep up-to-date and stay above par in your field of expertise. Juggling several tasks all at once can burn you out speedily. Being organized seems to be the only solution.

Strategies For Organizing Your Life
Once your organizing tools are all set to take up the challenge, you can begin to formulate strategies to organize your life. A good start would be to de-clutter your office desk, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Just keep in mind four rules to put these spaces in order:


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