Thursday, January 19, 2017

Come, Imagine Discover And Learn At Koco Kids, The New PreSchool And Play Area In Mumbai

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‘Koco Kids - Imagine. Discover. Learn’ is a Preschool and Play area that has just opened at Santacruz (West), Mumbai.

Focused on providing a loving and enriching atmosphere to help your child achieve their maximum potential, this is the first of its kind Preschool & Play Area with the largest indoor and outdoor play area. At Koco Kids, you will discover tailored programs that have been thoughtfully designed for your child’s precious early years. Working closely with parents through a happy, fun and unhurried atmosphere, the group helps develop an interest in learning with fun.

Koco Kids promises a one of its kind concept which combines constructive outdoor play with a state of the art soft play and indoor play area. A place where kids of all age groups can climb, jump swing and run under one roof. Along with that there will be extra-curricular activities which will be open to all, for the complete growth of the child.

In Conversation With Co-Owner of Koco Kids, The New PreSchool And Play Area Launched In Mumbai

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Most preschools and kindergarten institutes these days are offering a hands-on learning approach, so how is Koco Kids different?

Koco Kids is different because of our curriculum, our facilitators, our equipment and our overall ethos. We are extremely focused on what is developmentally and psychologically appropriate for children and have created an environment that promotes imagination, play and discovery as a medium to achieve learning. Everything from the color of our walls to the size of our blocks has been chosen considering the appropriateness for little children and how it can contribute to creating a developmentally sound environment. Our curriculum is a beautiful blend of marquee preschool educators like Madam Montessori, Reggio and Waldorf, with a healthy dose of play. We have borrowed the best from each school of teaching, modified it to make it relevant to life skills needed in today's times and thus created a unique method of teaching. We believe in letting children grow at their own pace, bringing out the uniqueness in every child and inculcating a lifelong love for learning.

Unlike other schools, we don't expect such small children to sit still at a place and listen to us. We encourage them to stay active and involved and thus our children move rooms every half an hour. Each classroom is thematic and focuses on developing a specific learning skill eg. - one room is dedicated to fine motor skills development, one to music and dance, one to art, creativity, and cognitive skills. Each day has the child moving every half hour thus catering to every kind of learner (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) , maintaining novelty and making children bold enough to adjust to a new setting quickly and easily
2. In a country that gives so much stress on learning from books from an early age, how do you encourage parents to adopt the learning through experiencing concept, rather than the learning by rote?

At this tender age we want to hone a child's imagination, develop life skills and an undying love for learning, Our curriculum is a guideline that enables teachers to steer the class in different directions based on what may interest the child since every question, every observation made by a child is an attempt to learn, and must be encouraged rather than drowned in the practice of following a rigid lesson plan.


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