Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring Roll Dosa

This is the regular dosa but with a Chinese twist. Good for a change of taste.

Dosa/Idli batter
Salt to taste
water to mix with the batter
butter or refined oil
very finely chopped vegetables (cabbage,capsicum,beans,carrots,beetroot)
finely chopped onions
vinegar and soya sauce
black pepper
tomato ketchup or tomato sauce


For the filling:

In a pan, pour some oil and put in the chopped onions and garlic. Stir for a while.

Now put in the other vegetables and corn and stir.

Put salt as per taste.

Cover with a lid and cook on medium flame.

Keep checking till the vegetables are properly cooked, use some water if required.

You may also use boiled or steamed vegetables as it will cook faster.

Add some vinegar and soya sauce and let it cook.

Add a little tomato ketchup.

Once the vegetables are properly cooked, take them off the gas and keep aside.

For Dosa:

Pour some water and mix to make a consistent batter that is neither too thick nor too liquidy.

Take a non-stick tawa, preferably the ones you get in the market for making dosas, as the batter will not stick on the pan. Put some butter/oil and let it heat.

Now take a ladle and using the same, pour the batter on the tawa and spread it nicely, moving the ladle in the same direction. Do not panic if it seems the dosa is getting torn in the middle. It will be fine as it begins to cook.

Sprinkle a little oil on the edges so that it does not stick on the pan, and also to make it crispier.

Take care to cook the dosa on low/medium flame.

When one side begins to turn a golden brown, turn it to cook the other side.

Once done, take the filling we made earlier and put it on the dosa.

Roll the dosa and tuck in the edges properly so that the stuffing does not come out.

Once the edges are firmly sealed, cut the dosa into small cubes.

Garnish with cut tomatoes and cucumbers and a few strings of noodles.....

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