Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Monsoon checks to keep your child healthy

Monsoon is here and you have to be even more careful towards your young for the next two months at least. Here is a quick list on what are the monsoon essentials you absolutely have to remember.

1. ONLY and only give boiled water to your little one, even if you have a water purifier at home.

2. Avoid fish for the entire stretch of the monsoon months.

3. Avoid outside food as much as possible.

4. Do not give fruits and vegetables that are not seasonal. Even if they look fresh, chances are they have been kept fresh using preservatives and other artificial means. A child's immunity is at its lowest during the monsoon. Give as much fresh food as you can.

5. If your child gets drenched in the rain, come home and give them a quick shower. Towel dry immediately and put on warm clothes.

6. Keep a bottle of mustard oil handy. This will help in all bouts of cough and cold. If your child is affected, warm a little mustard oil and apply on the chest and throat.

7. Close your windows and doors as soon as it is evening. Monsoon is the time for countless insects to come out. Prevent insect bites to your child as much as you can. Use mosquito repellants as frequently as possible.

8. Monsoon is also the breeding season for mosquitoes as many nooks and crannies are filled with stagnant water. Clean up any dirty and stagnant water in/near your home as these can become breeding grounds.

9. Fix that appointment for the water-purifier cleaner. Keep your machine maintained and regularly cleaned. A water-purifier without regular servicing is equal to drinking tap water.

10.Avoid giving fried food to your child as this is the time when throat and stomach infections are at their peak. Keep the food light and simple and as much home-made as possible.

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