Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things You Will Need For Baby right after Birth

The biggest urge to shop for the soon-to-arrive bundle is strongest during the final months... You have resisted shopping till now, but as the day is coming nearer and you know that your mobility is somewhat going to be restricted for the first few days or weeks, you want to stock up on everything for the little one. It is an awesome experience to shop for your infant, but sometimes, we end up with goods that will have no use for the first few months, that looked great in the shop but are a total waste of money and space back home. Of course the hormones and the motherly affection and concern and the salesman's skills are all partly to blame, but here is a list of a few things you would actually need once the baby has arrived:

1. Baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby shampoo, nappy rash cream. You may also go for a top-to-toe baby wash that can be used on the head as well as the body. And yes, go for the No-Tears wash. No-Tears sure says it is okay if the soap goes in your baby's eyes, but it is always advisable to not let any form of soap get in your little one's eyes. Some of the best names in the market in baby cosmetics today are Johnson's, Himalaya, Mother Care and Pigeon. Check what suits your baby's skin and your pocket.

2. You will need to stock up on loads and loads of cloth nappies. During the first few days you will have to discard the nappy each time after it gets soiled. Go for pure cotton nappies as these are best for baby's tender skin. Earlier these were made at home by hand but these days nappies are available in all baby stores. These are much more easier to use and much better in quality too.

3. Dettol. You need to disinfect all of baby's clothes with the antiseptic.

4. Baby thermometer. The latest in the market is a strip that needs to be placed on baby's forehead for as little as 15 seconds to see the temperature. This is available in the Mother Care brand as far as I know and costs approx Rs.300. / and does not require any batteries. You can also go for the digital thermometers that come with small cells and are much more affordable.

5. Baby dresses. Only buy in pure cotton for summers. Go for the ones which have buttons in the front as buttons in the back are uncomfortable for baby to sleep and can hurt their skin. Avoid any kind of fancy stuff.

6. Baby bed linen. You usually get a full set that comprises of a sheet, a night suit, a cap, small pillow and a spread. Also, buy a baby comforter or blanket as per the weather.

7. Antiseptic cream for baby.

8. Baby booties and mittens.

9. Baby nail-cutters, preferably the ones with soft edges. You will be surprised to see how soon the nail growth takes place in babies. You trim baby's nails and they will be back to their sharp and grown stage within 3-4 days!

10. Infant/Baby diapers. For the first few weeks you will need to take baby for regular check-ups. Doctors will advise you to put them in a diaper during such visits.

11. Baby carrier.

12. Dim lights. With a new-born in the room you would require to have some light on even when it's goodnight time.

13. Baby scrap-book. Get this if you want to keep a track of your little one from the time of birth.

14. Sanitizer. You would need a big bottle of sanitizer right after baby's birth as relatives and well-wishers begin to pour in and you would want them to first clean their hands.

15. Baby cot. You may not make baby sleep in the cot during the night, in most Indian households, babies always sleep together in the same bed with their parents. But during the day, when you are busy in other work or when you need your own rest, it is a good idea to keep baby in the baby cot during sleep time. This will also help baby sleep better.

16. Baby wipes. These will be your saviour for atleast the next 3-4 years. A few good brands are Johnson's, Mother Care, Himalaya.

17. Last and one of the most important on the list - A BABY NAME !!! :D
(For a list of baby name sites, check out the same on this blog)


And like I always say and believe in:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!

- Debolina Raja Gupta

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