Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sea and the Sea Lake.....!!!!!!

How do you tell your baby the difference between a sea and a lake? We live beside the sea...the Arabian Sea is outside my window and my daughter has a lovely time looking at it in the evenings. She loves to see the boats and the small island in the middle, that houses the Elephanta Caves, and she loves to make up stories with me about the sea and the boats and the fishermen. We do this almost every evening.

She is going to be 3 in two months' time and with her constant rendezvous with the sea, has developed a love for water bodies. So each time we go out somewhere, she will always point out and tell us excitedly - 'See...did you see the sea?" Whether it's the lake or the river or a stream or a waterfall (which, according to her, was the sea falling down!!), it is always THE SEA.

Both me and hubby have tried to make her see the difference in different ways. She is just learning the concept of 'big' and 'small' so we tried to tell her that a sea is 'BIG' (I opened my arms wide to make her understand better) and the lake is small. Didnt go down well with her. Frown and big eyes and a shaking of the head and a flapping of the arms - no papa, I am telling you na, this is the sea. That was the end of discussion that day.

I tried to show her the difference in drawings, I tried to make up stories about a big big sea and a small lake...but the water bodies still continued to be the SEA.
And finally, when we were out a couple of days back, my daughter pointed out again - See, its the sea, she beamed. And as we began to go over the by-now memorised routine of sea-and-lake, she came up with a new term - Ok, its the SEA LAKE !!!!!

We are still trying....won't give up so soon.

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