Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things For The New Mum

Everyone has been telling you what you will need once the baby arrives. You and your partner have probably even made a list of what you might need for the new member. But as you progress more and more in your months, there will be a few changes and a few things that you will need during pregnancy as well as after delivery. Here are a few things that might be useful:

1. Pregnancy clothes. These need not be drab and huge. Many choices are available in the market these days that will not only flatter the developing body but will also score on the comfort scale.

2. Stretch Mark Reduction Cream. Your friends and the doctor may advise you to start using this after the baby is born, but using the anti-stretch mark cream always works best when you start during pregnancy itself. And since there is no harm if you begin using now, you can always try.

3. Anti-Itching Oil. Many women experience a severe itching during pregnancy, sometimes in the abdomen, sometimes in the hands or other parts of your body. Get a nice soothing anti-itching oil to soothe your inflamed skin.

4. Get a few books that talk about new-born and new parents. A list of some of the most useful books are available on this blog.

5. Get yourself a new set of comfortable lingerie. Chuck the ones that are too tight or synthetic. Go for cotton. Avoid the wired ones.

6. Get a nice massage oil. Massaging with soothing scents at this stage will not only calm those nerves but will also keep the body firm. But be careful of the bump and remember to be gentle.

7. Get a nice exercise mat. Some form of exercise is always good during pregnancy. Letting go of your fitness during pregnancy will only make things difficult later and will cause immense difficulties in losing pregnancy weight.

8. Maintain a folder that can safely hold all your medical reports. Each and every piece of medical paper is important during pregnancy. And once you get those first images of the baby inside you, it would be a picture to cherish for life.

9. A nice and comfortable pair of footwear will go a long way in helping those tired feet.

10.A good mattress and a good pillow will work wonders for your sleep. Your mattress should neither be too soft nor too stiff. During these months a good night's sleep is very important for baby and you. A good mattress will not only provide a comfortable sleep but will also help maintain a good posture which is very important.
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