Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun things to do with your child this monsoon....

The rains are making a splash in full force and your little one is stuck inside....No more parks, no more running outside with friends, no more cycling or walking...And no one can blame these little ones for getting cranky and bored. So here I am sharing a few fun things that you and your little one can do together this monsoon. The clouds are going to be around for the next two months at least, don't fret, try some of this, and let me know if it worked :)

1. Now is the time to do some camping, and that too right in the comfort of your home. Many kids already have play tents at home, but if you haven't got something like that, even better. Take your favourite bedsheet and pitch a tent right inside your room! Fill it with pillows and mattress and your sleeping tent is ready. Get a food basket ready for your tent experience and get the torch out of the drawer. Switch off all the lights, even better if there is a window in the room. Looking out at the stars in the night lying in the tent will be an experience...And in case the stars are not visible out the window, paste stars and moon on the ceiling and begin your star-gazing.

2. Since it's raining you of course have to make loads and loads of paper boats! Make your boats and have a competition with your friends to see whose boat goes the farthest..

3. And once you are back inside after the boats are gone, start your very own paper-aeroplane competition.

4. Bring out the board games, scrabble, monopoly, life, jigsaw puzzles, those hobby idea and craft things, UNO, pictionary, scotland yard...anything that you have.

5. Monsoons are the best time to have a great cup of hot chocolate with cookies!!! Take your child's help in the kitchen, make them involved in making themselves a delicious mug of warm chocolate milk...if your baby is too young you can take their help by asking them to scoop the chocolate in the cup.

6. Sometimes, catching up on old family albums is more amazing than it sounds.... With everyone indoors, you can bring out those old family albums and point out stories hidden behind each pic...Or you can even bring out baby's album and show them how they looked when they were tiny !!

7. Call in your friends and have a picnic at home.. Get yourself a picnic basket loaded with sandwich, fruits, juice, cookies and other picnic food.. Spread out a mattress or sheet on the floor, and have a picnic.

8. Rain times are good times to have a movie session at home with friends and popcorn. After the movie you can all help mommy to prepare a meal for you and your friends. Ask mommy how you can be of help.

9. Do you remember the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Not on the email, but a hand-written note telling them how much you love them and sharing things about your life. Use this time indoors to write to your loved ones, to grandparents, to aunts and uncles, to cousins and even friends.

10. Rain is beautiful. Capture this beauty in photographs. Take your parents' help with the camera if needed and start clicking away. You can make a rain scrap-book that you can later share at school with teachers and friends.

Rains are one of the best gift of nature. The wild splash of fresh water from the clouds above can feel like magic on your skin and senses, especially after a harsh Indian summer. Enjoy the rains. As much as you need to be careful in this rainy season and avoid getting wet, it is nice to sometimes give discipline and rules a little miss and indulge in some pure fun. Remember what fun it was to dance around in the rains? Let your child experience the joy of getting wet in the rains. Be around to see that they don't get exposed for too long, keep a dry towel and some warm chocolate ready. Better still, join in the fun.......
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