Thursday, June 10, 2010

Egg dosas

Dosas can be made at home using the same batter that you get in the market for making idlis. Since these will not be excessively fried and we are also using eggs, it will make for a nice filling and healthy snack for your child.

If you want to make it even more healthier, you can also use batter that is made out of naachni (raagi) or daliya.

Dosa/Idli batter
Salt to taste
a few seeds of raai (mustard seeds)
a pinch of heeng (asafoetida)
water to mix with the batter
butter or refined oil
beaten eggs


In the batter, put in a pinch of salt, a few raai seeds and salt as per taste.

Now pour some water and mix to make a consistent batter, that is neither too thick nor too liquidy.

Take a non-stick tawa, preferably the ones you get in the market for making dosas, as the batter will not stick on the pan. Put some butter/oil and let it heat.

Now take a ladle and using the same, pour the batter on the tawa and spread it nicely, moving the ladle in the same direction. Do not panic if it seems the dosa is getting torn in the middle. It will be fine as it begins to cook.

Sprinkle a little oil on the edges so that it does not stick on the pan, and also to make it crispier.

Once the dosa begins to cook, take the beaten egg and pour it slowly on the dosa with a spoon. Make an even layer.

Take care to cook the dosa on low/medium flame.

When one side begins to turn a golden brown, turn it to cook the other side.

Once done, take it off the tawa and place a blob of butter on the dosa.

For the dip:
Make a coconut paste, mix it with a little water, mint leaves and salt.
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