Friday, June 11, 2010

Doctor recommended diet sheet for your baby

The following diet sheet has been prepared by a paediatrician but SHOULD BE CHECKED WITH YOUR OWN PAEDIATRICIAN before administering to baby.


Upto 04-06 months: Breast-feed only on demand or 02 hourly intervals. No water.

04 months: Clear fluids - juice of apple, orange, tomato, clear soups, dal water, porridge-wheat, rice, ragi, rava: can be mixed with mashed vegetables, stewed apple, ripe banana.

05 months: Soft dal, rice mashed thoroughly, khichdi - rice moong dal.

06 months: Mashed boil potato, carrots, green leafy vegetables and yolk of boiled egg.

07-09 months: Chapaati soaked in milk or dal, idli, dhokla, finely minced meat.

01 year: family diet, milk 600 ml.

P.S. Many women choose to put their baby solely on breast-feed till they are 06 months of age. It is completely a matter of choice whether you choose to do so or wish to start them on a diet before they are 06 months. Just ensure that your child is getting its proper feed and is growing properly. Take your baby for regular check-ups to the doctor.

DOs & DON'Ts for your baby:

1. No bottle feeding

2. New food to be given slowly and in small quantities. (1-2 tsp) at first and then increase gradually.

3. Any one food type of food should be given for 4-5 days before a new type of food is offered.

4. Solid food best given at feeding times, before breast feeding.

5. Encourage your baby to hold cup by 9-10 months.

6. No force feeding.
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