Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 lovely bed-time things with your baby

Going to bed? Putting your child to sleep? Try these 10 lovely bed-time rituals for your little one and you :)

1. give a big big big hug

2. give a big big kiss

3. tell your child how much you love her/him

4. read a lovely story together

5. make a good night song / poem with baby and sing it together each day when you are putting your baby to bed

6. get inside the comforter, just you and your little one, and play under the tent

7. lightly massage your baby on the head while talking to them softly

8. look out at the sky or out the window and make a story on what you see

9. rub your nose and smile and giggle tickle, have a great laugh, embrace and go to sleep hugging your little darling
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