Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The 04th Month

What your little one may be doing now:

By the fourth month your baby should be able to laugh out loud, lift head on its own while lying on the stomach and move its head side to side while focusing on an object.

Many babies may be able to hold their head steady when held upright, raise chest supported by arms while lying on its stomach, pay attention to a small object and reach out for the same, try and grasp a rattle with fingers or tip of fingers, squeal in delight.

Some babies may be able to keep head level with body when held in a sitting position, turn in the direction of a voice, especially that of mummy or papa, make noises that are vowel-consonant.

A few, but not all, babies may also be able to try and sit up without support, be able to bear some weight on their legs when held upright, show displeasure when you take away a toy and turn in the direction of a voice other than that of mummy and papa.


It is important to note here that not all babies will reach these milestones at the exact same age. One baby might learn something at one month of age, another might learn the same at three months of age. This does in no way imply a lack of intelligence or development on the part of your little one.

Remember, each baby is special in its own way and need their own time to adjust to situations and to learn new things. Do not panic if your baby is not doing what your friend's same-age baby is doing already. Keep an eye on your child and note their daily movements. Sometimes, these activities will be so short in their time span that you may have a chance of not noticing at all, unless you keep paying constant attention. However, if there is constant and marked delay in all of baby's responses, do consult baby's doctor about the same and discuss anything that is on your mind.

Let your baby get all your love and attention. The complete care and love of parents goes a long way in baby's development.
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