Monday, July 5, 2010

What Happens Right Before The Little One Arrives?

So you are going to be a new mum and you have absolutely no idea what happens just before the baby is due? Of course you will have heard a million things from lots of people around you, and to confuse you more, all of them will give you a different idea of what you have heard from someone else.

Listening to so many accounts it may sound really scary and confusing. But trust me, it isn't as bad as many people make it look like.

A few things that all of us mostly hear as the date approaches near is that the process of delivery and the examinations that take place just before that are really uncomfortable and painful. But it is all a matter of how you handle the situation.

Having a baby need not necessarily mean an unbearably painful experience. Of course it is not a smile-and-wink thing, but then, once when you have your little one in your arms, all your pains and confusion will evaporate.

Before the baby arrives, one thing that you can do to ease your worries is to read up on some good pregnancy books. There are many books that will talk in a friendly and personal way of their own experiences. You can find a list of these books in this blog as well. This is the link:

Many neighbourhoods have pregnancy groups that will help you connect with other pregnant women in your area.

Lamaze classes are another good option where you will get personal care and professional advice on what are the better ways to deliver your child.

Some women have a higher capacity to bear pain while others have less. Being confident and not worrying too much will help ease your pains to a big extent. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or feel a little pain, begin breathing in and out. This is also a good exercise that will help you if you have a natural delivery. Of course if the pain grows or you feel uncomfortable, be sure to get in touch with your doctor immediately.

A pregnancy involves many examinations, some that are painful and some that can feel really awkward and uncomfortable. But the key to make it easier for you is to think of this as a normal doctor-patient thing. And if the examination gets too uncomfortable or painful, start thinking of other things to take your mind off the same.

Natural deliveries are not always as painful as they are sometimes made out to be. Some women even wait during their labour pains, thinking the pain will grow to an unbearable extent after some time, but the little pain they experience is all that takes place and the baby is soon delivered. The best part of a natural delivery is that your healing process begins as soon as the baby is out. And most women are able to get back to their regular routine within a 2-3 days of the birth.

A C-sec operation involves a little more injections and examinations. Before the delivery you will be put on drip and no food or water allowed, as your body needs to prepare itself for the operation. These days you do not have to be completely unconscious for the operation, only the lower portion is made numb. At the operating table, you will be given a shot of injection that will make your legs and lower body numb. Some women need only one shot, others with a stronger resistance need more. The maximum that is given to the woman is three shots. I was given 3 shots as my body was still reacting to touch. But trust me, it is not at all scary or painful as you may have heard. It is just like any other injection, only in your spine. And there are not any side effects either, I never had any problem later.

In a C-sec delivery, the healing time is longer, almost 2 months. It takes almost that much time for your stitches to heal completely. These days the cut that is done for the baby to be brought out is really small, a little cut just above your feminity. You need to be careful for the next two months, do not bend down, do not pick anything that is heavy, do not take any back massage, do not lie down on your tummy, and always while walking try to keep support under your tummy by keeping a hand there. There are many more tips that can be shared, I will come back to that later.

Most of the pain and the discomfort that is associated with child-birth these days is all in your own head. Technology has advanced a lot and hospitals and staff too have a much better way of handling deliveries these days.

Relax, take a deep breath and go into your delivery room with a smile on your face. I was constantly chatting with my doctor while they were operating me, in the end they had to scold me to keep quiet. Be happy and positive about the birth and most of your pain and discomfort will vanish. Of course, the little one who will arrive in just a few more minutes or hours (depending on the form of birth) will take away all your pain for all your life.

All the best and wishing the new family a very happy journey together :))
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