Friday, July 23, 2010

Convincing Her It's Cool To Go With Parents To A PTM :O

I knew I would write about this but didnt know I would write so soon.

Ok, so we have to attend a PTM tomorrow morning at my daughter's school. Nothing unusual, as it is a monthly discussion platform and we are encouraged to share our thoughts with the teacher and to know how our little ones are doing in school and class.

We have attended all her previous PTMs and she has been quite excited about the idea of mamma-papa going to school with her on these occasions.

So today when I told her that tomorrow mamma-papa are also going to school, the thing she asked me was "And Navya?"

"Yes, Navya also." (She is Navya)

"You will come in the bus?"

"No, we will all go together in the car?"

"With mamma-papa?"

"Yes baby, with mamma-papa."

"And friends also?"

"Yes, your friends will also come. But we will be in the car first and then you can meet them in school."

She waited for a moment, wondering if it was a good thing or bad, and in about 2 seconds her mind was made. "No, Navya will go with friends."

"Yes, your friends will be there too, in the class. We will all go to class and you can meet your friends there" I repeated with a calm voice that mommyhood had gifted me!!!!

"No no, Navya will go with friends, not with mamma-papa. Navya will go in bus only, with friends."

Okay.......she is yet to be 03, in fact that is a big event in the next month....but hello...isn't it a bit too early to already brand being seen with parents as un-cool? I mean, come on, of course we are gonna be thought of as un-cool and 'old' after a few years by this tiny thing that just happened like a couple of years ago...but this soon?!!! Whoa, must say I am already zapped...

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