Monday, July 5, 2010

Shweta Sharma And Her Little One Kabir

Having a little one, becoming a mother for the first time and being a working mother with many responsibilities, both in the work place and at home, and on top of that, a little bundle of joy waiting at home to be picked up by momma and cuddled. How difficult can it sometimes get for a new mum to get up each day in the morning and head to work, leaving her baby behind?

26-year-old Shweta Sharma has a little baby boy Kabir, who is just one-n-a-half years old.

"I was always very career-oriented and wanted to give my profession my best" says Shweta, who is on a busy schedule in her work in the marketing field. "I wanted to do well in life on my own" she says with a proud smile. "But nothing could come even close to the joy that I experienced once my son was born" she adds with a smile.

Shweta had a normal delivery.

"Of course there are many myths and stories we always hear. And sometimes due to sheer ignorance, especially in the case of new mothers, it is very difficult to know what is the truth and what is just superstition. Thankfully, I had joined pregnancy classes when I was expecting and hence all my doubts and fears were sorted out by professionals. They helped me prepare for the baby in a much positive and real way" she says.

From a girl always on the go to a mother with many responsibilities, life has sure changed for Shweta. "Of course motherhood is bound to change you completely. And I can safely say this for every woman who has become a mother. After my son was born, my life and my priorities all changed completely. Now whatever I do is done taking into consideration how it will be for Kabir. Like if we are going out somewhere I want to make sure it is a safe and hygienic place, I have to keep in mind things like his food, his sleep and so on and so forth" she says. "In short, I have to do everything thinking about him. But I am really enjoying it" she smiles, her eyes lighting up with a motherly twinkle.

A working mother who has to handle pressures at work and also make sure her child is growing up the right way. So how does Shweta see herself, as a mother or as a friend to her little one? "Well, he is really very young now and I haven't thought much about it. But now that you are asking, I think right now I behave more like a mother, but when he grows up and when the time comes, I would love to be his friend too, so that he would feel comfortable sharing things with me."

Shweta had a love marriage and I ask her what it was that irked her partner the most when she was expecting.
It seems to be an easy question.
"I HATED the smell of food then. And would always puke. It was so difficult that I had stopped going out anywhere, I always used to be cocooned inside the house, never wanted to go out, never felt like talking to anyone. All this really irritated him sometimes."
She smiles now at those memories.

Of course motherhood is a special journey that makes each day special. So what is the most special thing she feels about this mother-son bond?
"Since I am working, I have to leave the house by 09:00 each morning and only come home after 07:00 in the evening. So the whole day my son is with the nanny and also his dadi (paternal grandmother). But the moment I reach home you should see his expression. Its a million-dollar expression" she says with a touch of emotion. "He gets so excited to see me that he wants to laugh, to cry, to play, all at the same time. I feel really touched when I see that my little bachcha understands his mother is working, so he wants to do everything with his mamma whenever she is home.”

Shweta wants to spend every possible time with her little one, but there are many other things that also need her attention. Thankfully, with the support of an understanding partner and a supportive family, she is at least assured of the fact that while she is at work, there is someone who is making sure her little boy is looked after. And when she is back home, all her time is exclusively for her little one.

We wish Shweta, Kabir and the family a wonderful experience throughout. Happy parenting!
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