Sunday, July 18, 2010

Her Assets And Your Management...........

Okay, keep those two away………

We know you love those assets but asset management is what you will have to become great at right now. Of course she doesn’t want you anywhere near her assets, not during the initial stages at least.

Almost all the women feel extreme soreness in their assets while they are expecting. And trying to get too close and intimate can only result in irritation and uneasiness.

Respect her wish and let it be. Having to deal with an over-enthusiastic partner at this stage is the last thing she wants on her already full list.

Let her take her time. And don’t sulk while you can’t get it. We know you like them even more now that they will be more feminine and full, but let her decide when to go for it. There is more to love than just assets, isn’t it? And even if you think there isn’t, well, then just pretend.

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