Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How To Cheer Up Your Sick Little One

All of you parents out there....there will be many many times when you will face this situation of your little one not being well. Of course all of us take the extreme possible care and give our utmost attention to our babies, but there are times when it is just not in your control....

Admit it, your little ones are going to fall sick some way or the other, and there is only so much we can do to make those days a little comforting for them.

1. Talk to them constantly and hug them...It will really make them feel comforted and secure to know that whatever it is that is happening to them (discomfort or doctor visit), mommy and papa are always around to love and snuggle up with.

2. If it is cold they are suffering from, give them lots of warm milk mixed with ginger and a pinch of turmeric.

3. Massage the chest with slightly warm mustard oil. Many babies will resist and cry at the pungent smell, so do it when they are asleep. Massaging a baby with warm mustard oil on the chest and throat when they have cold will cause a lot of relief. But be extremely careful to check the temperature of the oil. Never leave a baby unattended with oil or other hot or similar things.

4. Read them their favourite stories.

5. Let them watch cartoons, unless of course it proves to be too tiring for them.

6. When putting them to sleep, snuggle inside the comforter with them and talk softly. Tell them they will get well soon.

7. If it is okay then sit with your little one in the balcony and talk to them about what people are doing outside. Tell them today is a special mommy-and-baby day and tomorrow (or whatever the healing time is) you will take them out.

8. If your little one needs to be hospitalised, make sure you make their room as pleasant and comforting as you can. Being in a hospital can be very scary for a little one. So take their favourite toys and dolls and a few books maybe. When my little one was admitted, we had made her hospital room look as much as her room at home. We took her dolls, her pillow, her comforter, her plates and spoons and cups, her books, and set them up in the hospital room. Trust me, it made her a little calmer to see her own things around.

9. You can get a new toy or a new doll or book when your child is unwell and needs to rest. Don't make it a habit, but sometimes, getting a new toy can distract a child and take their scared minds away from injections and doctors.

10.Help them call up their friends and let them talk to them. Talking to a friend of their own age can sometimes really cheer up the kids.

11. Brighten up their room at home. Make a few hanging fairies or cartoon characters that your little one loves and hang them from the ceiling so they can see it even when they are lying down. These are easily available in the market in case you do not wish to make at home.

12.Get a new accessory, maybe a new wall clock with cartoon characters on it that you can put up on the wall opposite baby's bed. This way you can also teach them to read the clock.

13.A new lamp shade is also a great idea. Light up the room in a favourite cartoon character whenever baby is going to sleep. Make bed times a lot more fun.

14.Plug in their favourite songs on your i-pod or cell phone or music player and sing along.

The one and only constant thing that I have not mentioned in any of the above points is the constant cuddling and hugging and kissing and being together mode. Be their with your little one and see them bounce back with good health and that same old naughtiness....

Happy Parenting....
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