Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Will Tell You Mamma

Last week my daughter got into a kind of fight at school. Well it was just the usual little baby fight scenario - Why did she touch my diary? Why did she take my i-card? why did she not talk to me when I was talking to her? Why did she not play? All those heavy-duty stuff associated with toddlers and hence the fights.

Well it was pretty difficult to get her to talk about it. I of course called up the school and got the whole story, but I wanted to hear it from her too, but knew she would tell me in her own sweet time. So that afternoon after the initial prodding I let it be. She was happy and distracted and everything about the episode was forgotten for some time.

That night when I put my head on the pillow beside her, snuggling up to her in the comforter, she turned to me and out poured all that had happened at school. She told me all her problems in detail, telling me what had happened, what had upset her, what she had done and what the other toddler had done. I listened to her with a sympathetic eye, nodding and assuring her that I understood, encouraging her to tell me everything, and of course she eventually did.

Once she was done telling me everything, I told her that next time she has a problem, she can go to her class teacher and tell her about it. 'If you want something, go to your teacher and tell her. If someone is hitting you, dont hit back, tell your teacher."

You know what she said?

She looked at me, frowned a second, and then told me with a definite nod "I will not tell teacher."


"I will tell mamma na."

That's it...I cant tell you what that felt like..And I hope to be this important part of her life for as long as I can....
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