Sunday, July 18, 2010

Helping Her Through Morning Sickness

Almost all women are affected by morning sickness during pregnancy. Your woman is not the only one who has these frequent trips on and off, and you are not the only one who is dealing with a woman who does not seem to be able to hold anything in.

It is a myth that the vomiting related to pregnancy will only happen in the morning. Many women experience nausea and vomiting in other times of the day, not necessarily in the morning. Many women will vomit through the night while the mornings are always normal. I too had my spells only through the nights.

When she is not well she needs you most to tell her that it will be alright. She will be feeling weak and may even feel dizzy when these nausea spells hit her. Be near her, if you are home help her with some food and sips if she is upto it. Whatever you do, don’t make her feel like it is not your problem and that she needs to deal with her on her own. Don’t act as if it is okay for her to keep on vomiting while you are busy with your play-station or work.

Example: A woman I knew would have her vomit spells only in the nights. She and her hubby were the only people in the house. While she spent the nights bent over the toilet, her husband would sleep peacefully, snoring off to glory, even when she would be sitting in the toilet for almost an hour, too dizzy to get up, too weak to call out to her husband, hoping he would wake up and get her back to bed. And in the morning he would wake up and leave for work as any other normal day, only to repeat the same thing at night. She did tell him what was going on and that she was too weak when the vomiting spells hit her. But he would always be sleeping and she managed through all her vomiting nights on her own.

Please be sensitive and look after her. She will be extremely dizzy and weak when the nausea hits. And falling down could be disastrous for both baby and mother. So take care and be with her and especially during those initial months when there will be most of the nausea, please be by her side.

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