Friday, July 2, 2010

Hug Me Mamma And Say Proud Of You

On a recent trip to the bookstore 'Crossword' my daughter happened to pick up a really cute story book (among others) with a pic of a cute baby bear on the cover being hugged by his mommy...She loved it instantly.

She loved the book so much that she insisted on holding it all the way home in the car (something she does with any new thing we get for her, could even be a toothbrush).

Of course on returning home I had to read it to her...

The story went like this: Bruno the bear was hungry and wanted to eat some cookies. So he goes to the kitchen to see where mommy keeps his favourite jar of cookies. He searches and when he finally sees it, he tries to bring it down from the shelf but it slips off his hands and breaks. When Mommy sees it she is very angry. She asks Bruno and his brother Bernie who broke it. But as Bruno is scared he says 'I didn't do it mamma.' Mommy is very angry and says no one will get dinner today. Bruno realises his mistake, tells mamma 'I am sorry mamma, I broke the jar.' And mamma hugs him and says 'I am proud of you for telling the truth. I love you." And then they all have cookies happily together......

A beautiful story a nice moral and now this is how my little one has interpreted it:

After a long battle with toilet training (I will come to that in a different post) my daughter was doing great. Till this story happened that is...She understood that if you do something wrong and come and tell mamma, you are sure to get a hug and be told to be careful from the next time.

So very nicely now she does toilet in her knickers, comes running immediately to me and says 'Mamma, see I have done toilet in hug me, say proud of you.."

And she hugs me with a big big smile... And even though I have tried in many ways to explain to her that if she does it in the bathroom she will get an even bigger hug, she still thinks that her way is the right way.....

Interesting and funny how a child hears the same things we do and interprets in a child-like innocence in ways we would never have imagined...A child's world, the best world :)
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