Monday, July 19, 2010

Her Exhaustion And You....

For almost all the months of pregnancy, a woman will face exhaustion and extreme drowsiness. In fact, feeling sleepy all the time and feeling tired and weak are some of the first signs of pregnancy.

Of course you will have your own busy schedule and expecting you to take care of the office as well as the home-front will be a little too much (though women have been doing just that always and are still not appreciated for their work). But even without doing the house work you can still show a little understanding towards your partner.

You may be used to a certain kind of life at home. Your partner may have indulged you a lot, or she may have been the perfect wife, playing hostess with élan and keeping the house perfect and spic-and-span without your ever having to do anything in that direction. But now that she is pregnant, you may find that most of the house work is left undone, that the house is not always tidy and presentable and that many times there is no food when you return from work.

And seeing this happen day after day may make you a little concerned, you may feel she is ignoring the house, that if she is a working woman, she is taking too much stress at work and ending up making a mess of the home.

Relax. Be human. Give her a break.
Carrying a little one inside you and being solely responsible for its well-being is a huge job, and if she is doing it well, you should not let the other things come in the way. Understand that she is already going through a lot right now. And if she has done it earlier, she would still look after the house and all your needs just like the previous times, but the reason she is not doing so is simply that her body is not capable of taking too much physical stress right now.

Let her rest as much as she needs, it will eventually be good for the little one as well as for her, try and help in house work as much as you can, invest in a good maid, offer to engage the services of a dabba-waala till she is capable of getting back to the kitchen again, tell her it is okay to let go sometimes, that you are okay with the house not being tidy all the time.

For all you know, she could be feeling guilty or bad about not keeping up the way she used to earlier. Let her know that it does not bother you that much, that she needs to rest and keep herself and the baby healthy, that she has already made you the happiest person by having the baby… wont come to a standstill if the living room is not looking amazing, or if the dinner is not cooked at home.

Love, faith and understanding, and constant re-assuring that everything is alright, that is all she needs from you right now.

So do that and see her light up. And when the little one arrives with that smile on its face, you will know where it came from.
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