Friday, August 6, 2010

Reacting To The News She Is Pregnant

Guys, whatever you do, remember to NOT scream when she tells you what the little pink lines have predicted. If your girl tells you she is pregnant and you react with a “WHAT!!!!???? HOW!!!????” and a scared or blank face, rest assured you will have to relive this moment many times in your life. Of course she will accuse you in all the fights in later years how you were completely unhappy about the news.

You may have not have planned the baby and now it is on the way. For all you know, it will be the best decision of your life. But one of the most crucial moments for her to sense your reaction to this huge news is how you react to it. If you show a lack of interest or sound scared or not as happy as she would have imagined you would be, chances are she will always think you are not ready for fatherhood yet. Your first reaction to the news of pregnancy is very important to how she will react in the next few days to come. If you are calm and happy about the news, she may be more prepared to accept what is to come. If you are not prepared, hardly will she be.

You too may be scared, that is all but natural. And anxiety and confusion are as strong a player in this first reaction as any. But just try and keep in your mind to be a little less verbal about your fears right now. These thoughts are best to be discussed later when she is in a better state of mind. For all you know, she is more scared and freaked out than you think you are – it’s a live human being inside her!

So when she pops the news, take a deep breath, give her a smile and run to hug her, a kiss on the forehead would be really assuring and sweet too. For, though we all have our fears and concerns, parenthood is a lovely journey, something that becomes a way of life, as also our identity.

And like I always say and believe in:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Happy Parenting !!!

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