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The Many Benefits Of Introducing Your Little One To The World Of Books

A book is not only a great way to spend your time with, it can also become your way of life, opening up windows to the many vistas that were hitherto unexplored, giving you reins to drive your imagination, letting you visit those faraway places in any part of the world or universe that you thought were till now unattainable. A book is not only a book, it is a whole new world – a world that only you can introduce your little one to, a world you should introduce your little one to - The world of books Baby Bestsellers

The best time to start building your little one’s interest in books is, well, right from the time you conceive. Believe it or not, it has been a proven study that if the mother reads while the baby is in the womb, chances are, the baby too will be more interested in reading than babies whose parents have never read during pregnancy, Books While You Are Expecting
And not only that, once your baby is born, you can always make it a habit to read a poem or read out a few lines to your little ones as they lie in your arms. Of course it does not have to be like a ‘study-session’ kind of thing, where you religiously sit down at appointed hours with your tiny one to read out to them. It can instead, be a more fun and gratifying experience for both you and baby.

As your little infant begins to grow, and as the months roll by, begin investing in little books that will interest your little one. The market today is filled with books like never before. Baby Books

The best part about heading out to a book store these days is that they already have done most of the work for you by selecting books in an age-appropriate method and all you need to do is browse the area that suits your child’s age. You have cloth books, board books, regular books with paper, pop-up books, slide books, books that have in-built CDs, books that can be actually hooked on to a laptop and read like an e-file, books that let your child take part in activities like learning to write and draw and spell and learn and what not. Check out more books right here Books For Your Little One

There are so many benefits of getting your child interested in books:

1. Books are a vast source of knowledge, not only at a later stage but even as your little one is just beginning to learn about the world outside. Your little one can learn many things from age-appropriate books, things like colour, body parts, alphabets, numbers, manners, safety rules, animals, birds, shapes, transportation, people who help us, plants, insects and so many more things, the list is endless actually.

2. If your little one is into books it will ensure they get into destructive activities much lesser than kids who have nothing else to occupy them. Being engrossed in a good book will cut down on TV time, as well as limit the time your child wants to spend outdoors. Of course there has to be outdoor activity too, a book cannot compensate the benefits of free physical play, but being involved in a book will mean that your little one will use their time in physical activities as well as in something that can be educational as well as being fun.

3. A child who is involved in a book will have a better ability to read and write than a child who does not read. Being with a book means that your little one will learn to identify the alphabet much earlier than others her age and this can only be a benefit when it comes to attending the school. As a personal experience, my daughter could read the alphabets from A-Z when she was only about fifteen months of age, and though it may sound too early to some, she loved it whenever we played the alphabet game with her.

4. Reading will help a child build their vocabulary, as also clear their speech and help in conversation. If you have always read out to your little one, chances are she has already learnt the words as they are supposed to be spoken, and not in the baby-lisp that many find adorable. It may sound adorable for some time, but imagine a toddler who has already reached the age of four and still cant talk clear. Reading to your little one will not only teach them the correct way to pronounce a word, but later, when they begin reading on their own, they will have a better command over the words, as well as have stronger communication skills.

5. Reading helps build concentration power for your little one. A child who can sit with a book for some time in one place will develop better concentration power and hence have better chances of learning as they grow.

6. Being with a book will ensure your child builds a vast bank of knowledge. As your little one gradually grows into a toddler and then a young child, their taste in books will grow and they will invariably end up learning more from books than their friends who may not be interested in books and are always hooked on to the television.

7. A child who shares a good rapport with a book will learn to express her/himself in a much better and clearer way than children who do not read.

8. Introducing your child to the world of books at an early age will also mean that they themselves will be interested in books, hence it will always be easier for them to cope with books later at school. It will mean that they will do so out of interest, and not merely because they have to.

9. A child with a book will never be bored. There is such a vast world out there waiting to be explored, that your child may run out of time, but never out of good books.

10.Lastly, and this is a very important point come to think of it, your little one will spend less on useless toys and cartloads of Barbies and other dolls and things and instead want you to get them books, which is always a much better and useful investment for your child. Also, once your little one develops sufficient interest in books, you can let them find out more about the books they want and you can actually encourage them to start saving their pocket money and allocate a book-budget, so that they can learn and appreciate the value of money and saving, as well as smart-spending. Also, telling them to find out more about the kind of book they want will teach them skills like internet browsing (if they are of that age), taking part in discussions and book groups that can help build team qualities, as well as let them feel they are doing something really important, which, actually, they are.
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