Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Quick Monsoon Recap To Keep Your Little One's Health In Check

The monsoon has been pretty lengthy this time and not surprisingly, almost each family has a member who is sick and ailing. It is especially difficult on the little ones - either someone is ill in the house and they are in potential danger of being next in line, or they are already ill.

Everywhere you look around you, there are children as well as elders coughing, sneezing, wheezing, feverish, suffering from throat ache, nausea, weakness and what not. And if your child is fine till now, there is only so much you can do to make sure that the infections dont come running home.

We have all passed these many months of monsoon, just a little more to go. So lets do a quick recap of the things to keep in mind during these remaining days of monsoon that will help keep our little ones healthy:

1. Remember to give only boiled water to your little ones for drinking, even if you already have only purified water at home.

2. Wash all food that goes in your little one's tummy. All vegetables need to be properly steamed, boiled and cooked. No raw vegetables or salads during monsoon.

3. No fish for the rainy months. One very simple home-rule I have heard is that you should not give fish to your little one (this is even good for adults) in months that dont have an 'R' in them. So May,June,July, August are the months when you should completely avoid giving fish to your little one in any form.

4. Trim those nails. Dirty nails are a potential breeding ground for germs.

5. Dont let stagnant water collect near your home.

6. Use nets on your windows and doors to keep away mosquitoes and insects.

7. Make your little ones wear long-sleeved clothes and full pants in case you are taking them out in areas where they may encounter insects or mosquitoes. Long-sleeved dresses will protect them somewhat against bites.

8. Remember to help them wash their hands after play time, before and after meals, and after using the bathroom. Make it an everyday habit.

9. Keep an extra pair of clothes and a clean towel in the car at all times. It will be easier to dry your little one and change them into a fresh set of clothes in case they get wet in the rain.

10. Keep a raincoat for your little one in the car at all times. A raincoat is always a much better protection for a child than carrying an umbrella.

11. Avoid outside food and oily and fried food. No stale food at all.

12. Avoid home medication. If your little one continues to be sick even after the initial one or two days, make sure you take them for a doctor visit immediately.

13. If someone at home is sick, try and keep your little one as distant as possible.

14. Use clean handkerchiefs in case of cough and cold.

15. If your little one is running a temperature, make sure to keep a temperature chart so that you can provide the doctor with all the necessary information.

16. No cold or fridge food.

17. No aerated drinks.

18. Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your little one's diet.

19. Check with your little one's doctor about the various flu vaccines. Many doctors will advise you on their own, in case your's has not discussed with you already, talk to them about the vaccines that have come up to counter the effects of flu.

Take care to follow these simple rules at all times and it will help keep your little ones away from infection.
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