Monday, August 16, 2010

Navya's Independence Day......

After celebrating Independence Day in school my daughter was extremely excited to take part in the celebrations in our building as well. So she promptly dressed in her white kurta and dupatta and sang the national anthem with zest. When it was time to go on stage, she went, but once there, was in no mood to perform. So the elders encouraged and cheered her and in the end the only thing she said was... 'there are nice flowers in the garden" much for being an observant child !!!! Of course everyone was amused...

Next was time for a drawing competition...the minimum age was 4 years but even though Navya is freshly 3, she still got her place to paint her own masterpiece...and paint she did...with all her colours spread all around her, sitting, singing, looking here and there, and finally sprawling out on the rug and shaking her legs while making a line or the final masterpiece was a huuuuuge yellow sun, a smiley face, the alphabet 'L', a fish, a bird, a combination of an apple and a tomato and a few other things which I tried to decipher but horribly failed... sorry Navya, next time !!!!
So in the end it was a lovely Independence Day with a return gift too...and of course the getting together and meeting and greeting is always a happy thing for her :)
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