Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Toys And Games Are Useless Says The New Nahar Amrit Shakti Ad: A Shame !!

So this is what you can hold up as one of the worst cases of advertising - where all morals and values are thrown in the bin or to the wind, and whatever you know is true and correct is artfully hidden away behind glossy shams. Go on, check out the image up here once more.

Before we go on, let me warn you that I am going to be in my rudest and spewing venom left right and center best, so if you do have a problem with that, please come back later for a different post (no apologies). And if you are from the Nahar group or the geniuses who created this ad, go on to read knowing fully well that you are going to hate and abuse me and feel free to share your criticism in the comments - I'd love to see what you have to say to justify what you created.

Now coming back to the post ....... 

Have a look at this ad here - the one that a lot of people on social media are talking about, especially as it caught their attention on billboards (And let me tell you it didn't catch their attention for any 'good' or 'wow' reasons but for the fact that the ad is in such poor taste) and they were left wondering just what prompted the promoters and so-called 'ad gurus' to come up with something like this.

According to the ad makers in this particular case, your child simply does not need any more toys or games in his or her life. No, not any more. That is, if you choose to take up residence at Nahar's Amrit Shakti, a 'plush' residential colony in Mumbai's Andheri area. The ad also claims that doing so will 'Let Life Begin.' Wow !!! Clap you all please....

Instead of games and toys, your child needs to be 'placed' on a golf course, complete with grown up attire and attitude, and forget that there is indeed a magical and beautiful and extremely essential world called 'CHILDHOOD.' No ladies and gentlemen, if you want your child's life to
'truly begin' you need to make your children rise up above such useless notions. Growing up playing with toys? down market? Growing up playing games in the community park or with a bunch of other children who are still stuck in that 'real magical age' of being children? Oh no no....the horrors! If you are to look cool and happening and posh and 'of money,' your kids need to give up these useless age-old traditions that carry on in the name of being a child...Huh...

My problem is not at all with the builders (okay, they did pass the ad, so yes, I have to admit I have a problem with them too) but my problem is mainly with the team who created this ad. Any marketing gimmick that begins with the phrase 'TOYS AND GAMES ARE PASSE...GIVE YOUR CHILD A BETTER....' speaks volumes for the so-called heads behind it.

I understand the ad people face a lot of hot coals on their back sides to come up with new and fresh ideas. But this??? Really??? And instead of just doodling it in your journal (which you can actually go on and wreck) you had the 'everything' to put it out in front of 'real' people? Brilliant...

In a world where consumerism has taken over everything, parents and other sensible adults, and even some youngsters, are desperately trying to help kids hold on some more to that life and sense of being a child. Being a child is nothing bad. It is a life where you know it is fine to be yourself and love the other person for just the way they are. It is a life where you do not judge others based on:
  • the brand label on their clothes, their bags, their makeup, their phone, their shoes
  • the 'type' of pet they have
  • the car they drive
  • the housing society they live in
  • the number of live-in or otherwise help they have
  • the salary they draw
  • how many houses they own and where
  • where they take their vacations
  • how many 'foreign' destinations they have traveled to
  • how good an accent they have
  • how well they pout
  • how short a dress can they wear before everything spills out or there is nothing left to imagine (or be horrified at) anymore
  • and of course, who are the people they are spotted with
Being a child is a beautiful feeling, it is an experience that is enriched each day with toys and games that allow the child to be, to learn, to think and ask, to figure out, to explore, to create and question, to learn, to love, to get attached to, to share, to bond over, to be beaten at and yet try to win, to remember and understand rules, to improvise, to plan and prepare, to do so much that can take up hours and make the unlikeliest of children come together and be together.

A toy has the power to heal, it can bring an instant smile and help a child in need learn and connect with, as much as it can add value to the life of a child who may have it all, but could use a little more of the precious that childhood entails.

Yes, I am extremely upset, sad and disgusted at the message that these 'ad' agencies are trying to come up with for so-called modern and posh parents, who see it as a status symbol to rob their children of being children and blindly follow what is made to look like the latest 'trend', yet again by the same marketing teams. It's so so sad....

All they want to do is create commercialized and money minded young kids, teens and young adults who will enter the adult world with pre-set notions - that as long as you have money, that's all you need to be happy. No, it's not true.

I won't go into details of what and how I feel these ad people have reached the 'thinking' they showcased here. I am sorry if their childhood did not allow them to know the importance of a toy and of games, I am sad in case they suffered from any psychological horrors or mental trauma that made them forget the joy of toys and games - I do hope they get well soon and have better sense and I also hope someone higher up their chain of 'gurus' understands what a crap of a job they have done and maybe transfer them to a different department (to spare the world of such shitty (yes I used the word for you) captions and ideas) ....  printer man or fax machine girl maybe??

As a parent and as a person who truly loves kids and values traditions as much as the modern life, let me just say again that yes, I am upset and I couldn't not talk about it....

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!! Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones.... Debolina Raja Gupta

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