Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Little One, My Rainbow

My daughter saw a rainbow today..on TV...its quite a feat to see a 'real' rainbow in these times of smog and pollution and skyscrapers. She loved the colours and asked me why and how there were so many colours in a rainbow.

My doll: "So many colours mamma? In one rainbow?"
Me: "Why not? You can have many colours together."
My doll: "Like my skirt?" (pointing to the skirt she was wearing at that time)
Me: (smiling) "Yes, like your skirt, and also like mamma."
My doll: "Like mamma? Like you?" (wide eyed)
Me: "You know how many colours of the rainbow you gave me? I will tell you."

"Violet when you blessed me and made my life bloom,
Indigo when you tell me 'Mamma I Love You".
Blue as your hugs come and caress me through,
Green as you make my life so full.

Yellow as I hold you to my heart each day,
Orange as I walk you home.
Red as the love in my heart as I call your name,
So many colours to fill my life.... and i wish the same and more for you."

She loved the use of colours....but of course, even before she left the room, she had already forgotten all of what I had said, and was busy in a new game :)


And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

- Debolina Raja Gupta


pri said...

lovely thought...its only a mothers love that can fill your love with the different hues of a rainbow..
its only a mothers thoughts that can be so unconditional :)

Debolina Raja Gupta said...

Hey Pri, thanks for dropping by. And yes, I completely agree with you. Its only a mother who can think this way (fathers,dont take offence please), but then again, its only our little ones who have the magic in them to give us so much worthwhile in our lives :D

The twenties girl said...

lovely... no wonder God made mums! to make the world worthwhile!

Someone is Special said...

lovely thought.. SmileS.. here is a dedication, the cry of a mother - the lost world and how hurting it would be if you lost someone special in your life to have loved and lost

Someone is Special

Debolina Raja Gupta said...

Dear Twenties girl..thanks for stopping by.I always thought my mum was the best in the world.And its true,that for each little one, no one is more precious than their mums....rightly said, god took all his love n heart while making a mum :)

Debolina Raja Gupta said...

Dear Someone Is Special..thanks for dropping by n thnx for the link :)


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