Thursday, May 3, 2018

Why letting your children get bored is so good!

It's the start of the vacations and I am in a mess....

How can you even pretend to be all organized and in control and all that blah blah when you have a 4 and a 10 year old in the house the entire day?

With work deadlines to be met on time, delicious healthy and appealing home cooked meals to be prepared and just about 1057573497596497 things to be done, (and mind you, no help for the next few weeks as my sweet help also wants to celebrate her kids' vacation time away from the big city) I can tell you the one secret weapon I found that is helping me take care of that big question all parents face when the kids are home - "How To Keep Them Occupied????"

So without the drumrolls, the simplest answer is:



You read that right...

The art of getting bored is actually an art in these days of over-exposure and too many things to choose from and do... From summer camps that have everything you could ask for for kids, petting farms, nature trails, swimming, dance, art and craft, music, building workshops, exhibitions, plays, movies, sports, theatre and so so much more, when do our kids get a chance to just take some time off and let their mind do the work for them, instead of guiding it on what to do all the time?

So this vacation, I have honestly not engaged them in any activity, except for swimming classes for the younger one as I want her to learn it and then swim fearlessly anywhere.

So all they are doing the entire day is to get really bored, crib, disturb me no end on what they should do (and it is taking a toll on my work of course, but mommy duty calls too), and then, when they don't see any help coming, they let their brains do the work and come out with ideas and things to do.

And it's helping...

Also, they are learning the art of sharing, of taking the initiative and calling up other similar-sized friends and planning on what to do and then organizing it properly as well. So you see, not only is this letting the brain work, it is also helping them get more social, be vocal and learn to plan.

Also, in case you were wondering, these are scientific reasons why getting bored is good for the brain:

  • Makes you more creative
  • Helps you become productive
  • Allows you to plan and set goals
  • Helps you think and take time out, which helps you stress less (did you know that children and even toddlers can be boggled with stress?)
  • Makes you happier
  • Gives you the opportunity to find out new areas of interest and hobby
So all you parents out there, if you too are at home with the kids, let them get bored...they'll be happier :) 

- Debolina Raja 

And like I always believe in and say: 'Heal the world we live in Save it for our children' - MJ Happy Parenting!!!! Debolina Raja

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