Friday, July 6, 2012

The Changing Trend of Young Mums: From Mummy To Yummy Mummy

Yesterday I happened to have some free time on my hands, in the middle of a school-week, and me and daughter decided to head to the mall for some fun time together - some window-shopping, some playing, some books browsing.

After the initial walking around looking at the displays, she wanted to go to the play-area. As hubby joined us at the mall, we dropped her at the play-area and sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee. While we were chatting, I looked around us at the many kids and mums, young mums most of them, having a nice time with their little ones.

Enjoying motherhood has been our prerogative. Even though we may feel stressed out and burned out at times, we, the mothers, have begun taking this experience to a completely different level altogether. And it is now, in this generation of mothers, that this change is really visible. It's true that earlier too, mothers have been caring and attentive, they have spent a lot of time with their children, managing home and kids and school perfectly. Our mothers have truly devoted all their time on us, making us what we are today. But for this generation of mums, the change seems to be a lot different.

Becoming a mother in these times is actually a lot of fun. Knowing that there's a little one inside you does not deter the young mum-to-be from being stylish and 'happening'. She goes out with as much enthusiasm and is as style-conscious as she was before the stork visited. Whether its shopping for the kitchen or buying those fashionable clothes and makeup, she likes to do it all.

Today, mums are taking their little ones everywhere. And no, the birth of a new one does not bind them down or place them under house-arrest.
As soon as the initial resting period is over, these young mums are seen everywhere - at work, at malls, at events, parties, everywhere. And most places, the little new one is not left behind, but instead, can be seen happily enjoying mum's company, while mum manages to make many heads turn.

Gone are the days when new mums would be going about with that weather-beaten look. The young mums of today are fashion-conscious, stylish, glamorous and a pleasure to the eye. They know what looks good on them, they're aware of the latest products in the market, and don't shy away from using makeup to their best advantage. Not only do they fulfill their motherly duties, young mothers today understand that to feel good you need to look good. And only when you look and feel happy, can you make others around you happy as well. Slim, petite, voluptuous, curvy, heavy - no matter what the body type, these young mums sure know how to carry themselves in style!

Young mothers of today spend much more quality time than the mothers of the previous generations. This is not to say that earlier, mothers weren't caring enough. Of course they were. But now, mums are more hands-on, ensuring that they are as much a friend to their little one as they are a mother. 

Be it doing the homework, finishing that project, playing those computer games, going shopping, or watching a movie together, mothers and children are bonding today like never-before.

And not to say, they are managing the house and work as wonderfully as ever. Super-human mums, eh?!


So, what really happened all of a sudden to bring about this distinct change in the attitudes of mums today? What is being done so different today that has made these mums into the kind of young women they are? Social awareness, monetary power, retail availability and the fact that most families today are nuclear families, which means most young mums are independent, relying on other young mums for advice and company. Well, these all are important factors that have come into play. But a bigger factor, one that every woman must have in order to reach this stage - is a loving, understanding and supporting partner. As society shifts trends in most areas, the one aspect where this change is quite visible is the equation shared between young partners today. The young man of today has certainly evolved. Gone is the idea of the woman only looking after the kitchen and managing laundry and kids and home. The young father of today has understood the importance of making your partner your friend. So, even as responsibilities are being shared, there's also the understanding that a woman is her own self first, and then a mother, a wife, and all other roles shared into one. We couldn't have reached this happy state without the support of our loving half. So, as much as we celebrate our motherhood today, let's give out a shout to these wonderful partners too...Thanks guys!

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ
Happy Parenting!!!!

Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones....

Debolina Raja Gupta


Mona...thoughts incarcerated! said...

I sooo agree with you doesn't feel restricted anymore with a kid, actually it becomes so much fun and enlightening to be able to raise a kid. At the same time this generation of kids have also become so pronounced in there wants of not only material things in life...thanks to the media/digital/retail/global exposure but also how they perceive their mother to she has to be active and be able to participate with him during playtime, she has to look good while visiting her school, she has to be fun and quirky and experimentative otherwise a comparison starts cropping up in his mind with other kids! And yes the father's are no longer just an authority figure....they have also become playmates, actively participating and enjoying too the child raising thing. However this is mostly a metro phenomenon with husband and wife sharing equal responsibility of the family financially and emotionally....and hence this camaraderie has developed between the two!

Debolina Raja Gupta said...

Mona....You've put it so beautifully in words :-)

May I ask you a favour? I am doing a lot of real-life parent stories for the place where I work, especially young parents, and it would be lovely to hear from you. Can you send me a test mail at and I will get back to you with the details...Cheers...


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