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Supermom's Recipe Book - A Must Have For All Moms

Sonali Shivlani, the Supermom, has recently come out with her book Supermoms’ Recipes. The book, whose tagline is ‘Of The Moms! For The Moms! By The Moms!’ has been compiled with healthy and delicious recipes from the kitchens of real moms, the main scoring point being that each recipe has been tasted by the child, approved on taste factor, and also been approved for its nutrition content by Paediatric Nutrition Counselor Sonali Shivlani.

In cases where Sonali felt the nutrition factor had to be worked upon, the recipe was changed a bit with the consent of the mum, and the child was asked to taste it, and only once the taste factor was approved again was the recipe published.

Each recipe takes up a page and features the mother and child who have shared the recipe. The fun part being that the recipe is named after the child.

The book is attractive with its bright colours and lovely cartoon images of vegetables and food inside. The cover features some of the mums along with their children. Each recipe comes with a nutrition analysis in the same page.
The recipes are divided into three categories: Tiffin Delights, Eat-At-Home Dishes (Main Meals), Anytime Extras.

And here are the lovely kiddie-mum teams who have made this book extra special by sharing their favourite kiddie recipe.
Samara Kazi with her mom Seema
Sonam and Nawang Kapadia with mom Geeta
Aryana Ahuja with mom Mili
Veer Singh with mom Saloni
Tej Bopardikar with mom Dr. Vijaya
Mitansh Tripathi with mom Meeta
Riya Mengani with mom Neha
Deepika Shanker with mom Anandi
Harshvardhan Trivedi with mom Urmee
Darsh Teli with mom Alpa
Isha Singh with mom Varsha
Aariv Thakker with mom Riddhi
Ayira Karup with mom Shraddha
Nirvana Shivlani with mom Sonali
Ziya Bajaj with mom Ananya
Vaamika Chopra with mom Pallavi
Aastha Upadhyay with mom Ami
Samridhi & Shamik Verma with mom Swati
Nupran Utmani with mom Megha
Ethan Sarkar with mom Sandra
Andrew Zabler with mom Katy
Jahnavi Jiwnani with mom Neha
Pratyush Agarwal with mom Anamika
Saadia Schnaars with mom Michelle
Daniel Borges with mom Ruta
Sana Bhavnani with mom Komal
Sohum Iyer with mom Jaya
Aaryan Shivlani with mom Kavita
Aarushi & Aditya Arun with mom Priya
Pari & Akarshita with mom Alka
Kunal Singhal with mom Sidhi
Anushka Shanker with mom Anandi
Neel Tripathi with mom Preeti Vyas
Rohan Nadkarni with mom Arunima
Aiden & Anika Tripathi with mom Donetta
Nikita Anchan with mom Michaela
Manav Hirey with mom Swati
Keya Kumar with mom Smita
Dia Bhandari with mom Parul
Abhuyudaya Gupta with mom Swati
Deeva & Tiara with mom Jaypali
Miraya Saigal with mom Shinibali
Hardik Karnad with mom Nivedita
Diya Bhavnani with mom Komal
Vivaan Mistry with mom Purvi
Kaitlyn NM D’Mello with mom Sheryl
Haven Oravec with mom Aisha
Mokshaa Shivlani with mom Sonali
Ananya Eriyat with mom Nilima
Samuel Moraes with mom Nancy

No. of Recipes: 50
No. of Pages: 56
Publishers: FunOKPlease
MRP: INR 165/-
Available at all leading bookstores


And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones....

Debolina Raja Gupta

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