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8 Things That Being A Mommy Teaches You (Sometimes By Force I Admit)!: Diary of A New Mom

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Of course I am....don't judge me when I say this, and in the very same sentence, also say that sometimes, my daughters do driver me nuts alllllll through the day and night (the little one is in that stage where she has learned to roll on her tummy, so of course she has to do it in her sleep to and wake up and want to play and then cry!) how sweet :-)

So, coming back to the title of the post, this is something that we all learn, and if you are a mommy (dads, I won't say this is true for you, coz you just do it in your own sweet time and way, no matter if the baby is crying or fussy or what!), then you will relate to each one of the points I mention here...

Read on, and tell me if you actually feel this is true or not ;-)

1. Sleeping without sleeping
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Yes daddies, this mommy is actually sleeping!!! This is pretty much how we sleep the first one or one n half years of baby's arrival. A mother is timed in such a way that even before her baby actually wakes up, she will wake up and be ready as a samurai, to take on the challenge of the diaper, or the feed or just the rocking comfort...A mommy can do it all folks!

As for me, I am suddenly finding myself waking up at least 8-10 times a night!!!! No, it is not always for feeding, but as my little one now knows how to roll on her tummy, she will keep doing it through the night, and each time she rolls, she wakes up, and she wants to play, and since she is still sleepy, she gets cranky, and since she is cranky she needs a feed, and since I have to feed her I have to calm her down first, and ..... you get the picture, right?

2. Eating or rather gobbling in a rush
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Forget all those ads and images that show a new mother sitting at leisure and eating her food. The real picture is actually more like this, with the infant or toddler in your lap and trying to grab a bite or two on the side. In any case, unless you have a very supportive live-in family or a live-in nanny who takes care of the baby as you eat, you will be gobbling up the most part of your food for the first two years at least.

I was always a slow, in fact, very very slow eater, and would be the last to get off the dinner table. Today, I have mastered the art of finishing a full meal within 5, or maximum 10 minutes, with the plate being completely clean! I can eat while standing, sitting, sleepy, tired, holding a baby in my arms, nursing, putting baby to sleep, telling a story, helping my daughter with her studies....almost while doing anything. I kind of feel like I am an eating champ now!

3. Makeup in under 5 minutes!
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Yes.....ever since I have become a mom, I have managed to do the un-doable! I have, ladies and gentlemen, mastered the art of doing my makeup within 5 minutes flat!!!! Of course if I have the chance I do take my own sweet time, but that is very rare. And most often than not, 5 minutes is what my makeup routine is now..

I have always loved makeup and I love love love products....but being a mommy has changed so many things, not the love of makeup, but the time taken to put it on.....I am a time conserving mamma now ;-)

4. The art of whispering
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Did you know that whispering is actually an art that takes a lot of time and patience to master? Today, I am happy and proud to let you know that I have, yes, finally mastered that art. I can make someone understand every single word I am saying, by just whispering in a 'loud' me ;-)

5. Lip reading
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Ha! Did I, or did I not tell you that I was progressing in my capabilities? Motherhood teaches a lot, and there is a lot that I have actually learnt, lip reading being one of the many arts that I am now quite good at.......If you are nearby when the baby is sleeping, worry can tell me all your secrets and all the latest gossip, in a whisper, and I will hear (read read) them all ;-)

6. Multi tasking 
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I won't say I can do it all, but truly I can do a lot of it now at the same time...... juggler multi-tasker... the names are many ;-)

7. Hearing the crying signal even before baby has actually started crying properly
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This is another super-human task that I have managed to achieve! I now have ears like Superman! And even before my baby can properly begin to cry, I can hear it all and rush to the rescue.....

8. Curvy is the new thin ;-)
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Okay, so let's keep it at that...I don't wish to elaborate more here...ahem......

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!! Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones.... Debolina Raja Gupta
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