Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our First Flintobox 3-4 Years: First Look And Details On How To Subscribe

Some weeks back I was contacted by this very sweet person called Hariharan from Flintobox. The mail came in good time, as I happened to see some digital ad about the same around that time, but I had no idea what it was about.

So when I asked more about the concept, I realized that it is a super fun monthly subscription box that aims at making education and learning extremely interesting and fun. Of course there are various activities and offers from different brands that have come up with creative boxes for kids, but in this day of subscription boxes, Flintobox did manage to come up with something unique and really interesting.

I couldn't share it earlier but now with the long weekends here, finally managed to open it up and the squeals of delight and the jumps my younger one made around the house was too much to not get excited along with :)

So before I show you what all this month's Flintobox came up with, here are the age groups you can go for:

  • 2-3 years
  • 3-4 years
  • 4-8 years
  • 8-10 years
  • 10-12 years

The box I received comes under the theme Bird Watcher and caters to the age group 3-4 years. Here's what all I received in the box:

This cute little thing welcomed us the moment we opened the box. It gives a detail of all the different activity kits that are there in the box. The story book is really cute :)

Story telling and reading out loud to your kids is important, especially at the younger age when they are just developing their vocabulary and auditory skills. It is also a great way to encourage thinking, imagination and creativity, as well as improve bonding. It's also fun to use story time to generate and encourage curiosity.

This little card shows you how you can use the various activity kits through the month to make sure your little one is interested and engaged. It also showcases new and different words that you can use as part of the activity set to teach your child.

A fun game that helps to improve various motor skills.

I loved the concept of keeping all the kits separate and packed in these cloth bags. They are really wonderful to use and reuse, and come with small velcro patches that will hold the contents inside perfectly. Also a great way to use an eco-friendly bag when you travel and need to keep your kids' stuff.

This is going to be a hit with all kids as it uses the concept of hand painting. A great way to bring your kids closer to nature and also help them get creative.

A clay based game that lets your kids create some fun birds at home and feel proud about it :)

This little owl has multiple uses. Get the box and find out :)

A super fun puzzle game that your kids will love - mine did for sure!

I am really really amazed at how much educational and fun things you can get with this subscription, and once you go through the contents, it is obvious that the box has been created with a lot of care and detailing, and is very age-appropriate. I am planning to try out the other age category too for my elder one. So once I do that, I will share that here as well.

How To Subscribe
You can find all the details at there website HERE

You can also write to them at or call them on +91 76958 57799

And yes, they also have a phone app that lets you access fun educational activity games while on the go, to keep your kids sensibly entertained. 

Isn't this really interesting. I definitely suggest you check it out at least once. 

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

Debolina Raja
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