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Early Foods Range Of Naturally Enriched Baby Food: Product Review And Talk

So some time back I got a mail from a very new and young mommy Shalini, who has recently launched a baby food in the market that stems from her own need of giving her baby only the healthiest and purest forms of food out there.

As a new mommy, Shalini realizes the importance of healthy and wholesome foods for young babies, especially when it comes to baby's first foods, and she also knows the many struggles a new mom goes through, including the struggles with time and finding that perfect blend that her baby will love. Also, there are times that a new mommy may not be able to realize just what all she should put in her baby's first few meals, so it can be quite a confusing time for a mommy, with too many ideas out there that only add to the confusion.

Shalini also believes in the goodness of traditional Indian foods and the pressures of nuclear families, and the nutritional needs that a pregnant woman and a new mommy need for their own health, as well as a first food for their little one. Hence was born the idea of launching Early Foods.

The wonderful Shalini was kind enough to send me a set of her sample foods so that I could share it with my baby and see how the taste and other things worked, also if there were any food allergies that could come up. Must say it went very well with the taste buds and the bowls were quickly finished :)

So here's a look at the different flavours I received.

So as you can see, the products are made out of natural ingredients that will be easy for your bay to digest and will also provide your little one with a wholesome bowl of nutrition and taste. The brand is also very careful to make sure that they do not use any artificial ingredients such as food coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives. Instead of sugar, the sweetness in the baby food comes from the use of dates.

My Take On The Early Food Range

When I received the packages, some of the boxes had been a little torn due to courier handling. However, the products were not damaged at all. I have already pointed it out to the owner of the brand and she has told me that they are already upgrading their packaging strategies so that nothing like this happens again. As you will realize, I was sent the products when they were just about to launch, so a lot of trials were still going on.

The first thing I noticed about the foods that I was sent was all of them were very very Indian and the kind of foods that you may have eaten yourself as a baby and a child if you grew up in an Indian household or in India. Also, if you are already a mother, chances are you have already made some of these for your baby.

The most convenient part about the foods from the Early Food range is that you do not need to add any additional ingredients to the ones that are already added in the package. The product comes in powdered form and all instructions about preparation and storage are very clearly mentioned on the pack itself. Once I opened the pack I immediately stored the remaining dry product in an air-tight container, which helped prevent any moisture setting in, which can actually harm the product. Also, as they do not use any preservatives, it is best to use up the product soon, or within a month at the most, once you open the pack. All the instructions are clearly written on the pack for your convenience.

My baby loved the taste and to be honest, when I tasted it, I kind of liked it too :) It is definitely not a bland and boring baby food, but instead uses the goodness of natural ingredients to enhance the taste.

You can not only make the preparation at home, you can also take the products along with you on a trip, if you are carrying a hot plate. It is extremely easy to prepare and takes only a few minutes to be ready from box to the dining table.

While the products are absolutely safe and my baby did not have any adverse reactions, as these are targeted at young babies and are more of first foods, I will suggest that you first let your baby have it in small doses and see how your baby's system reacts to it and gradually increase the amount.

Here Is What The Brand Early Foods Says About Their Products And The Idea Behind Starting It

*Early Foods is a newly launched organic food brand offering naturally enriched nutrition for mothers, babies and toddlers. Working moms or those who have super naughty babies sometimes struggle to find healthy food options.

Traditional food preparations are laborious and time consuming, while most food brands have too much sugar, vanaspati, flavour enhancers, artificial colours & preservatives. That is where the founder of Early Foods, Shalini found her purpose to provide new mothers and babies a healthy beginning free from any chemicals & preservatives. She sees it more as a social need to address maternal and child nutrition than just a business idea.

The recipes began with a team of inspired mothers and grandmothers trying out traditional Indian food for babies. They then consulted with a food technology expert and a team of doctors for a final approval on food for babies and toddlers and mothers. All the baby foods that the brand creates do not have any sugar, salt, preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. They are absolutely natural, made of organic grains and cereals and a combination of dry fruits to naturally enrich the nutritional value of the food. It helps in weight gain too.

The Early Foods products for expecting and breast feeding mothers uses ancient Indian food science to naturally nourish your baby from conception till delivery. They have also carefully chosen a few products that help in lactation too. The best part is that the online model helps the team make fresh food preparations for every order, so they don't need to stock their food and hence can completely do away with preservatives.

For Shipping And Order Placement

Early Food ships across the country for a flat fee of 49/-  You can visit and order at

Check for recipes and nutritional information at

(*the description about the brand, their reasons for starting and their online details have been provided by the brand itself. The review views are my own and while the products were sent to me for trying out, I have not been paid to write anything by the brand)
- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!! Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones.... Debolina Raja Gupta
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