Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Kiddie Room Makeover: At INR 0 !!!

So recently I shared in another post how our shifting to the new home was affecting my little girl (we shifted to this new home a month back.) There were lots of reasons she missed her old place, one of them being the pretty strawberry pink room we had got painted for her, with pink n red walls. She absolutely loved it and so did all her friends.

But alas, once you decide to buy your own place in Mumbai, that too in a high-rise, there's not much stuff you're left with in your pocket, your wallet, or in any of your bank accounts. This of course is difficult to explain to a 05-year-old, who, each time I tell her that we don't have enough money right now to get the whole home painted, tells me I can walk down to the ATM and there's lots of money there for you mamma!!!!! Hmmm...I wish :-)

So it was that I decided to take matters in my hand and give her what she was pining for -  a room that looked more like a kiddie room, instead of the boring white walls it had. And what more fun than involve her in a mommy-daughter team thing and create something fun, colourful and lovely for her room! So here's what we did....

this is how the room was when we bought it a month back...bare walls with no colour

Friday, March 8, 2013

From Mommy To Daughter, The Legacy Continues: Happy International Women's Day

Before I begin, let me wish all you lovely ladies out there a very happy, special and empowering Women's Day! Of course we can't really be respecting and appreciating our women only one day a year, but it's not everyday that you specifically take out time to wish each other and tell them that yes, they are truly special and deserve all the attention! So yes, once again, a very happy, special and empowering women's day!!!

So who do I dedicate this special day to? Of course, the 2 most special women in my life - my ma and my daughter. When I was a little girl myself, and through my growing up years, I was the perfect example of what a rebel daughter is like and what I definitely wouldn't want mine to become!!! (oh I can't imagine myself going through all that my poor ma did!!) but I'm sure that's exactly what she will go through too, it's a natural phase after all. Anyways, the point is, that I was totally this crazy, nerdy, rebellious, aggressive, stubborn young girl, doing things my way, believing that I had a special halo around my head that allowed me to break all the rules and create my own, and some of the craziest fights I had during my growing-up years were with ma! But then again, I was always super-loving, super-protective and super-possessive about her, and still am!


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