Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decorating The Baby Nursery

One of the most fun and interesting part of becoming a parent is getting the nursery ready! Even before my little princess came to me, I knew I wanted a baby girl, so that I could dress her up in frills and laces and all things pink and pretty, and give her a room filled with soft cuddly toys, dolls and all the mini cutie things that I so loved staring at at the toys section in the stores.

Of course the nursery was made and of course my little baby didn't sleep in it :-) LOL! But in India, that's one thing that's really common in most homes. Babies always co-sleep with parents, and whatever research might say, Im a firm believer that a baby will always sleep best nestled close to its mother's heart, lying safely wrapped in mamma's arms. Of course SIDS is a reality we all need to be careful and alert about, but all said and done, I want my baby next to me when I am sleeping, and its vice versa. And let me confess something.....she is all of 5 now, and still sleeps with me :-) The nursery is more of her play room! I don't mind that at all.

I really cherish this frame. This is a fun thing me and my daughter were doing when she was about 3...and she was adamant that mamma's hands also have to be in this :-) 

 Her favourite cosy rug where she spends a lot of her time sitting colouring and playing


We picked up these beautiful lights from IKEA. My daughter and her friends absolutely love the effect.

 Entrance to my minnie mouse's room

 The lovely picture board that I absolutely adore.....Its got tons of pics from 5 minutes after her birth till now...all her special events, milestones, fancy dress, fun with friends...everything...her friends love going through these pics too :-)

Her favourite wall lamp that matches perfectly with her pink walls :-) Another fun buy from IKEA

A few nursery ideas I saw on the web and loved.....

 I love the wooden colours used here

Beautiful bright yellows brighten up the room the wall decals and the red and yellow combo.
 Loved this peppy room

This may not be the style I'll go for when creating a nursery, but it surely will work for a lot of parents.

The perfect princess room, my daughter would have loved it!

Another no-nonsense cosy baby room

Even though it's a girl's room, I love how this has been done up differently giving prominence to greys and browns and blacks, while the pinks still manage a wink around.
A great way to organise the nursery, keep it clutter-free and yet make it look beautiful and cute. Love the wicker baskets used for smaller items and knick-knacks. The interesting colour play adds to the look of the room.

 The limited use of yellow in this mostly grey room is enough to give it a dash of brightness.

Airy, spacious and full of light, this green and yellow room can cheer up anyone instantly.

 Another pink and grey combo....Im loving the colours at play here.
 Instantly gives you a feeling of softness and tenderness.

 Full on the yellows and the little garden world feel.

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ
Happy Parenting!!!!
Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones.... Debolina Raja Gupta
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