Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Tote And The Toddler Bag

You carried that bag when baby was so new, you carried that bag when baby was beginning to walk, you have been carrying that bag for so long now that it feels it’s your very own bag, your identity. And maybe you want to leave it now, get back to your own style statement, that tote you have been eyeing for long……

Now that your baby is a toddler, a walking baby, age 03-04, you still need THAT bag. Maybe this time you can mask the toddler bag in your tote bag, but there are still a few things you absolutely NEED to carry along while going out with your TODDLER.

1. Baby Wipes: Trust me, these are going to remain your best friends for a long long long time…I would have gladly typed in a few more ‘long’, but I think you got the message. Baby wipes are crucial not only for your baby, they will be a huge help to you, to clean your hands and dress, for your car, your bags, your things, your phone, your wallet, basically everything……

2. Sanitizer: Now that your toddler has started eating on their own, be sure to keep the sanitizer as your next best friend…Those hands will play with the mud, try and pick up the bugs, and in the next instant will try and get those chips out of the bag….share the habit of using a sanitizer every time they eat. Soon they will begin asking for it on their own.

3. Handkerchiefs: Always remember to keep a few clean handkerchiefs in your bag. Make sure these are soft and clean.

4. Food Supplies: Toddlers are a powerhouse of energy and activity, so those hunger-pangs are bound to strike at times you may not predict. Even those fussy toddlers who are not so regular in their food habits at home will end up asking you for ‘something to eat’ at the most unlikely of time, especially when you are out. Keeping some food supplies in your bag, like biscuits, dry fruits, fruits, a bottle of glucose drink, anything that is non-fussy and your child will enjoy.

5. Water: Clean water for your baby is something you need to carry without fail, so always remember to keep an extra bottle of water with you, apart from the bottle your child may be carrying.

6. Some Colour Books and Colours: It is always a good option to carry a few colouring books and colours for your child, or something else that holds your child’s interest. If you are going on a long road trip, or are going out somewhere with your child where you know your child will have hardly anything of interest, do remember to carry something interesting for your child to ensure their as well as your peace.

7. An extra set of clothes: You did this before, so don’t let go of the habit yet. Your baby is now a toddler, and they love to get dirty. So its always a safe bet to have a second clean set of clothes in your bag, in case the one they are wearing gets covered in juice/chocolate/sweet/food/mud or anything else.

8. Temperature check: Always keep one in your bag. This need not be the regular mercury thermometer. Many different and easy-to-carry thermometers are available these days in the market. There is one that is just like a thin strip of paper and will give you a reading of ‘Normal’, ‘Low Fever’, ‘High Fever’, or ‘Very High Fever’. It is always convenient and advisable to carry something like this in your bag whenever you are traveling with baby.

These are more or less the items you need to carry in your bag for sure, whenever you are traveling with baby. The list is mostly for a simple day trip. Of course, you, as a parent, would know what other things you require for your child, things your little one can’t simply do without. So make sure you have this check-list with you, as also the other things you wish to add…..

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

Debolina Raja Gupta
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