Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Mommy Highlight of The Day

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So I've been down with fever for some days now.

And while I knew this was coming, both my babies also ended up getting it from me. So it is that it is a house of me and my babies being down with fever and feeling sick the whole day...

Not a good feeling at all :(

My mommy highlight of the day - if you guessed it, I think you've been there too ;)

Yes...... keeping their fever down!

So that was it, my mommy highlight of back to resting for a bit for me, if the baby let's me that is...phew!!!!

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones.... Debolina Raja Gupta
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