Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things To Know About Parenting Before Baby Arrives

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Look at the image above. If you've seen many dazzling images of cherubic babies and are now expecting your own, this image is pretty much the closest that you'll be coming to during that cherubic phase, at least for the first year or so.

Well, the point is not to scare you, but to make you aware of a few realities about parenting that most people won't be telling, before you start to panic, read through the following and by the time you reach this stage yourself, you'll be somewhat prepared....

1. Parenting is difficult, and not just a smile and breeze with your little cherub. Of course it's meant to be difficult - you're raising a baby for god's sake! How could you imagine it would be all easy and fun? But the good news is that it's not just difficult, it's fun as well, just give it some time and you'll soon learn to manage the difficult with the fun!

2. Catch up on sleep while you can, cause once baby is here, you can bet you're not getting any...and that's a fact!

3. Go easy on the shopping....for the first few months at least, your new born will hardly need anything. So no matter what the commercials are telling you, go easy and spend wisely, and buy absolutely what's necessary. After all, your friends and family will be getting some gifts too.

4. Babies grow fast, very fast, super buy clothes that are immediately needed. You may see that absolutely gorgeous little frock that your baby will fit into in the next 4-5 months, but buying it now will make sure you only ooh and aah at it while it's hung up in the cupboard, as baby will surely outgrow it in a month or so, even before really wearing it. But for now, and buy again later.

5. Conceiving takes time, and if you're planning a baby, be prepared to give it time. You may have read or watched in movies that doing it once or twice will produce the 'good news' - but in reality, this never ever happens! So while you're at it, enjoy and spend the time together. The more you stress, the more time it'll take to conceive, so relax.

6. Life will turn topsy turvy, so be prepared. Whoever said having a baby isn't too much of change was obviously trying to keep you happy. Be prepared and you'll be able to handle the change better.

7. As a new parent, you can never be clean enough. You'll smell of milk, you'll smell of baby burps and spits and urine and what-not, and that's not to say that you may have taken a shower some time in the day (while there will also be days when you just don't get a chance to enter the shower). Don't worry, everyone knows you're parenting a new one, so no one's going to judge, except maybe you.

8. The tough times will be over soon, and then, it's gonna be one of the greatest experiences of your life - being a parent. So even if the first few months or the first year feels like you've forever changed and can never go back to a life that's fun and relaxed, don't worry. Your baby will grow out of the diapers and feeding zone soon, and once that happens, chances are, you'll miss those moments - so cherish them and hold each moment close to your heart!

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ

Happy Parenting!!!!

Be good to your little one, and to the millions of little ones out there who truly need every bit of love and compassion they can get.....Be a grown the little ones.... Debolina Raja Gupta
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