Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things You Should Never Tell A Pregnant Woman

Things you should never tell a pregnant woman (for your own benefit if you are the father):

1. Oh, you do look fat!
2. Are you near the due date already?
3. Are you having twins? Triplets?!
4. So, how does it feel?
5. Why is your skin so pale? Shouldn’t you be glowing?
6. Are you drinking milk all the time or no?
7. Why are your dark circles increasing each day?
8. What happened to your appetite? You eat like a horse these days!
9. Wow what a sexy dress, maybe you can wear it after your delivery
10.Here, take your drink, oh sorry I forgot, let me give you apple juice instead.
11.Wow I love those heels. You can always get back to wearing them after the delivery.
12.I hope you are happy with your doctor you know. I didn’t like her at all.
13.Those stretch marks will go away, right?!
14.But you just bought new clothes last month.
15.You are always sleepy, are you ok?
16.Can’t you walk a little faster?
17.Why is the house not as clean as it was before?
18.Wow, you look sexy being fat.
19.Gosh, you ARE fat!
20.You want to eat AGAIN?
21.Sleep as much as you can now because once the baby is here, you will never sleep.
22.Yes, yes you look wonderful, now can we go out please?
23.(Husband)You are not the only one who is pregnant you know, I too feel the pressures of becoming a parent.
24.So are you in the mood tonight?
25.Wow, look at that family of four, they look so complete. Maybe we can have another baby in a year or two. Caution – saying things like this could actually lead to a divorce.
26.Can we give your old clothes to charity? You won’t fit into them for the next two years I think.
27.I wonder how Malaika Arora looks like that even after a baby!
28.Are you going to have a natural birth? I heard it’s really really really painful.
29.You know I heard you can’t walk properly for two months after a caesarian.
30.The baby is in the tummy so why does all your body puff out?
31.I will not be in the delivery room at all (coming from the dad)
32.Why do you need so many pregnancy clothes? They all look the same anyway.
33.How will you lose all that flab?
34.Why are you always irritated?
35.Wow, it must be so wonderful to experience pregnancy.
36.I never had morning sickness.
37.That colleague of mine gave birth to twins and got back to her original figure in three months flat!
38.I wanted to get a gift basket for you, but since there was nothing interesting, I got for the soon-to-arrive baby instead.
39.Are you reading enough on parenting?
40.You will be a wonderful mother. After all, women are great at multitasking.

* There will be a million more comments out there that have irritated you. Do share them with our readers :)
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