Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Questions You May Have About the Expected Little One: Diary of A New Mum

You are about to become a parent, or planning to start a family, and there are a million questions running about in your head right now.

Starting from when is the right time to start a family, to who would be the best doctor for your little one and you, to which would be the ideal place to give birth, how will you learn to take care of an infant, what happens right before the baby arrives, how will you take care of yourself, how will you handle the mood changes and the mood swings, can you be close to your partner physically while you are pregnant, how will you ever be able to strike a balance between baby and hubby, will life ever get back to what and how it was before, will you be able to get back to work, what to eat while feeding, how will you lose the baby weight, how to feed baby, what to give the baby once the initial feeding days are over, what check-ups baby needs, how to encourage your baby towards the various milestones it will eventually achieve, how to get the father involved in child-care, how to make your home baby-safe, what is a good time to have a sibling, how to make sure you are caring for your baby in the right way but at the same time not overdoing it….well, these are just a handful of the many questions you will be facing right now…and it’s only natural.

Every parent, especially the would-be mother, faces a time when she wants to know what it will be like when the baby arrives. Being pregnant, and giving birth to your little one, is something that cannot be explained - it can only be experienced - and no words are good enough to tell you the feeling that becoming a mother brings to a woman. For the father, it will be an experience he will cherish and love the most for the rest of his life.

Planning a baby is something that needs to be discussed between both the adults involved. It is a lifelong commitment and both you and your partner need to have the same thought process to plan a baby. There are many things that need to be taken into account before you start a family, and once the baby arrives, there are a million more things that you will need to keep yourself updated about, a million things that you will need to check on and keep in mind. But the best part about being a parent is that you learn everything hands-on. Since being a parent is a 24*7 on-job training, you will learn and experience new things each moment of your parenthood. Of course the advice from friends and family and the many things that you read about parenting are also extremely helpful, they will give you an idea of what to expect and how to deal with things. But how to deal with your little one is something that you will learn as you grow as a parent with your child, no one can be a better judge of your baby’s needs than you, and it will be your mother’s instincts that will guide you on many occasions.

Right now you will feel confused, scared perhaps at the new responsibility, and also curious to know what lies ahead. So let’s slow down a little and take each question and thought one at a time. It is okay to experience confusion and helplessness at this stage. Be sure to discuss all your concerns with your partner. Sometimes, a good talk with your loved one will go a long way in relieving many of the stress. Be happy and start enjoying the feeling, and soon you will see this joy reflected in your little one as well.
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