Friday, June 11, 2010

A List of the Important Vaccinations for your child

Following is a list of the important vaccinations that your child should be administered. Please consult with your child's doctor and check about the same as well. This list is based on a general doctor's reference chart, please CONSULT your own DOCTOR BEFORE GOING AHEAD with the same.

At Birth: BCG, OPVO, Hepatitis B1 DTPw1/DTPa1

06 weeks: OPV1/IPV1 Hepatitis B2 Hib1 DTPw2/DTPa2

10 weeks: OPV2/IPV2 Hib2 DTPw3/DTPa3

14 weeks: OPV3/IPV3 Hepatitis B3*, Hib3

09 months: Measles

15-18 months: DTPw B1/DTPaB1 OPV B1 Hib B1 MMR

02 years: Typhoid+

05 years: DTPw B2/DTPaB2 OPV B2

10 years: Td*/TT

16 years: Td*/TT


15 months of age: Varicella Vaccine

18 months of age: Hepatitis A Vaccine

06 weeks: Pheumococcal Conjugate Vaccine*

<06 months: Rota virus vaccine

# <13 years of age: 01 dose; > 13 years of age: 02 doses at 4-8 weeks interval
+ 2 doses at 6-12 months interval
* 3 primary doses at 06, 10 & 14 weeks followed by a booster dose 15 months
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