Friday, June 25, 2010

Knowing You Are Pregnant !!!!

Of all the women out there who became pregnant at some time or the other, not all realised they were pregnant immediately. In most cases, the pregnancy went undetected for the first one or two months.

Of course there are many ways by which your body tells you that you are carrying a little one inside, and there are tests available in the market too that let you check the same. But in reality, even when we might find something amiss, we do not always realise that one fact that is going to bulge out pretty soon anyway - that we are pregnant!!!!

When I conceived I didn't realise it for almost a month and a half. The usual lifestyle carried on and I was oblivious to the fact of a new life getting shape within. It was a mix of a few signs that eventually led me to a test:

1. Can't Get Enough Sleep:
One of the very first signs that hits you when you conceive is your constant sleepy condition. No matter how much you sleep, even getting 15 hours of sleep will feel inadequate when you are pregnant. The pillow and the bed will seem to be your best friends and all you would want to do is close your eyes and zzzzzzzzzz.

2. Tired All The Time:

All your meals and all your sleep and fruit juices and everything will fail when it comes to feeling fresh in your pregnancy. You will always feel tired and lethargic, feeling a constant need to rest for a while, to sit down and rest those feet and the back, to close your eyes and take a power nap.

3. My Back And My Feet Hurt:

Your back and your feet will be the two areas in your body that will feel most of the stress in the months to come. When you conceive you will notice your feet getting tired more easily than they were before. You would not be comfortable with too much walking and some women will also experience back ache.

4. Where Are The Dates?

You missed your dates? Well that should be a kind of warning. No woman can say that she gets her dates on the exact time they are supposed to arrive each month, but if you are pregs, you will surely miss them....

5. Soreness In The Breasts:

Many women will feel a tenderness and/or a soreness in their assets. It could be something as simple as getting uncomfortable in your lingerie that was till now perfect. It could also be something that causes heaviness or even a slight itching.

6. So Irritating:

Yes, this is what your partner will tell you all the time now - that you have turned into an irritated and nagging hag! And you yourself will feel the same. Your nerves will be fraught and nothing will seem right anymore. Everything and everyone will seem to be having only one intention in life - to irritate you.

7. Can't Keep Anything I
Everything you eat and all that you drink will try and come out as soon as it can. No matter what you eat, even your favourite dish or drink, you will most likely be throwing up a lot more than what you actually had put inside.

8. Second Home - The Bathroom:

Pee pee pee....That will be the tune to which you will begin to dance as soon as you conceive. The bathroom will turn into a second home, with you running back to the bathroom almost as soon as you came out of it and managed to reach the bed. Every trip, every outing, will be clouded with the thought of 'is there a bathroom available there' and 'where will I pee' !!!!

9. Hairy Tales:

Yes ladies, sad as it may sound, another of the signs that works to point towards a pregnancy is the amount of hair you will begin to lose. Of course these days hairfall is something extremely common and regular, but you will see a change in the pattern once you conceive.

10. Weakness:

Many women seem to be hit with a certain amount of weakness when they conceive. A walk in the park, a walk on the treadmill, walking up the steps, even getting out of bed, can sometimes cause you to feel faint and make your head spin. If you experience any of this, try and hold on to whatever you have nearby and slowly get to a sitting position.

Most of the signs above will help you to determine if you are expecting a baby. To get a better idea you can get yourself a self-test kit from the chemist. Try and get only the reputed brands like Dr.Morepen. The instructions are easy to understand and are illustrated with pictures and the test is extremely simple too.

All said and done, visit a doctor who will guide you to take the necessary tests that will help determine the existence of a new member.
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